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Author: Collin Land

Your gut health has a lot to do with your body’s ability to effectively digest food and absorb nutrients. One recent study suggests the speed with which starches and fibers are broken down into sugars can impact your ability to regulate or lose weight.

Another study found a link between certain types of bacteria present in the gut microbiome and the effectiveness of weight loss programs. The research specifically looked at the study group’s Prevotella-to-Bacteroides (P/B) ratio, with a goal of determining how a patient’s P/B ratio might impact their weight loss efforts. Study participants with a high P/B ratio lost on average about nine more pounds over the course of the six-month study period.

Gut microbiomes are unique, and while this may be an issue for one person who is struggling to lose weight, it may not be a problem for another. Knowledgeable experts in gut health can perform and analyze diagnostic panels and ask the right questions about your eating habits, lifestyle and body to help you determine what changes you need to make to find weight loss success.

At Optimum Health Rehab, we’re committed to helping identify the potential warning signs that your gut microbiome might be standing between you, weight loss and better overall health.

Does Genetics Matter for Gut Health?

The recent American Society of Microbiology study suggests that, yes, genetic signatures may in fact be somewhat predictive of your ability to lose weight. It also acknowledges that there’s no silver bullet for weight loss, in large part because of the truly vast number of variables that may contribute to a person’s struggles with weight. Other variables might include:

  • Level of physical activity
  • Age
  • Diet
  • Wellness history

There are also still questions regarding degrees of obesity and how much various gut imbalances might affect weight loss. Some host microbe associations were determined to only affect people with severe obesity, while failing to have a measurable impact on those with just mild obesity.

Why Weight Loss Is Difficult

For some people weight loss is fairly straightforward. They reduce their caloric intake, make better nutritional decisions, exercise and lose weight. For others, weight loss is far more frustrating. When lifestyle changes don’t seem to make a difference, or fail to show the expected results, it’s often necessary to speak with a wellness specialist knowledgeable in things like thyroid health and digestive health. Your struggles could be an indication that there are hormonal imbalances standing in the way of your weight loss success.

Weight loss challenges are always frustrating, frequently because the hurdle standing in your way might not be obvious. Things can get even more disappointing when you learn that a battery of diagnostic tests on their own might not give you the clear answer you’re hoping to find.

If you find yourself in that kind of situation, it’s often in your best interest to consult with wellness professionals who take into account every aspect of your life and health. At Optimum Health Rehab your thyroid, food sensitivity, digestive health and nutrition specialist might run several tests, but they’ll also talk to you about your lifestyle, symptoms and weight loss experiences. Their expert analysis of panel results combined with experience identifying subtle lifestyle and health markers may allow them to form a clearer picture of what’s preventing your weight loss.

If they suspect something like thyroid imbalances or poor digestive health is the culprit in your weight loss challenges, they can prescribe treatments or map out lifestyle changes that can help you reach your goals.

There’s Still a Lot Science Doesn’t Know

Identifying imbalances is only half the battle – and often the easiest half. Determining the right treatment method to restore balance and improve health is often more difficult and requires commitment.

Scientists in nutrition and digestion seem convinced the gut microbiome does play an important role in weight management, but the relationship between metabolic health, BMI, gut microbiome and weight change is still being investigated.

If you want to find out if your digestive health may be impacting your ability to lose weight or is having a negative impact on your health and wellness, contact Optimum Health Rehab. Our nutritional therapists and digestive health experts are ready to help. Call 877-704-1761 to schedule your appointment.

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