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Author: Optimum Health

latest trends and fashionsFashion is a big part of our culture and we all enjoy following the latest trends and fashions. However, designers generally don’t take into consideration comfort and function, but favor style.

We often see women wearing high heels to round out their outfit, but serious discomfort and problems can follow. High heels alter your balanced position which, not only, can affect your feet, ankles, and knees, but can affect your low back! You see, our musculo-skeletal system is like a linked sling of muscles. When one is affected, the next is affected as you may visualize a row of dominoes falling. We can eventually feel the effects of foot problems in our neck!

Women are not the only ones sacrificing comfort for style. Clothing can often be restrictive­ tight pants or skirts ­ and can throw off simple tasks such as sitting, bending, and walking. This restricts you from moving comfortably and can result in poor misalignment of your spine.

Another unhealthy, yet very common, fashion statement are handbags, backpacks, and computer bags. We carry too much with us and don’t realize the potential health risks. When you carry a bag that is more than 10% of your body weight, it causes improper balance and interferes with the natural movement of your upper and lower body. Upon examination, we often see the spine’s curvature toward one shoulder. This also results in a sore neck and shoulder muscles ­ OUCH!

Men are known for carrying cash, credit cards, and identification in their back pockets. However, it is always recommended to remove those items prior to sitting to avoid pain and discomfort within the underlying muscles and tissue. Hip and back pain are common complaints with this behavior.

Following are a few tips for helping you look your best AND be comfortable:

  • Have alternate footwear. If you need to be in high heels for part of the day, also bring along a pair of comfortable flat shoes when able to change.
  • When carrying a bag, switch sides frequently to avoid favoring one side of your body.
  • Clean out your bag frequently!
  • Choose shoes that are supportive. Spikes, pointy-toed shoes, and flip-flops may look nice, but don’t offer proper comfort and allow for symmetrical walking.
  • What are you doing for the day? Dress appropriately for the activities you will be involved.

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