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Author: Collin Land

Optimum Health Rehab takes a slightly different approach to weight loss than many other similar doctors or weight loss clinics. Namely, we do more than just provide hCG injections and send you out the door to fend for yourself.

Our program is truly comprehensive because we want to do more than just help you temporarily lose weight fast. Our goal is to help patients reach their goal weight safely and adopt lifestyle and nutrition changes that enable them to keep the weight off for the long term.

Open dialogue and transparency are important for your weight loss journey. We want to know what you’ve tried in the past, how well your past efforts succeeded and how long you were able to keep the weight off. Your weight loss coach will want to know about the challenges you faced along the way and why you think your efforts eventually failed.

Our weight loss specialists will also want to know about any symptoms or health struggles you might be experiencing. We frequently discover other problems, like thyroid imbalances or digestive health issues, are contributing to our patients’ weight challenges. Our wellness team may recommend specific panels of tests to see if you may have underlying health problems that need to be addressed before you can truly find sustainable success with losing weight.

Once we know more about you and what you’ve gone through before you visited our weight loss clinic, we’ll begin discussing options for your weight loss plan.

More Than Just Discussions

Knowing what went wrong in the past or factors that might be holding you back is just part of the equation. We’ll also leverage a variety of weight loss tools that are intended to safely accelerate your weight loss. Your weight loss plan might include:

  • hCG injections
  • Nutritional and lifestyle coaching
  • Weekly B12 injections
  • Lipotropic injections
  • Pharmaceutical-grade supplements
  • Ongoing support

We want every patient to find sustainable success, but those types of results do require sacrifice and persistence. One of the pitfalls of many traditional diet and weight loss plans is the amount of sacrifice that’s required and the sustainability of those lifestyle choices.

Do You Just Need a Little Help Reaching Your Goal Weight?

Patients who just want to get back in shape or are seeking a safe plan that focuses on eliminating toxins and inflammation may benefit from our detoxification program. This two- to three-week program involves a combination of daily shakes, anti-inflammatories, supplements and antioxidants formulated to help safely rid your body of toxins.

The detox program can also be combined with our lean body program to enhance weight loss results, curb cravings and effectively burn fat safely.

Both the detoxification and lean body program include nutritional and lifestyle coaching from our dedicated wellness experts.

Helping Georgia patients take control of their weight and health is one of our goals at Optimum Health Rehab. The way you and your health care provide approach weight loss or detoxification will have an impact on safety and the sustainability of your progress. We never want patients to risk their wellness for unsustainable short-term progress.

Is hCG Weight Loss Safe?

There are legitimate reasons to be concerned about some hCG products. The FDA even warns dieters about the dangers of unprescribed do-it-yourself hCG and crash diets. Buying drops, pellets or sprays at a nutritional supplement store or from an online retailer and attempting to administer your own hCG plan might not be safe for you.

That doesn’t mean hCG can’t be an important tool in your weight loss efforts. It just means your hCG weight loss plan should be pursued with a health care provider’s supervision and as part of a holistic weight loss and nutritional plan. The health and safety of our patients at Optimum Health Rehab is our highest priority, which is why we’re committed to providing easy access to Georgia residents seeking a safe hCG diet.

We will always be honest with you. We don’t set crazy, unrealistic and unsafe expectations about results. Our goal is to help you lose weight safely and make long-term lifestyle changes that will enable you to keep the weight off.

Get Started With Your Weight Loss Plan in Georgia

Are you tired of miserable crash diets that leave you irritable, fatigued and unhappy? Optimum Health Rehab’s weight loss specialists want to offer you a better, safer alternative.

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