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If you are seeking a quick weight loss solution, our hCG Program may be the right solution for you. We are often asked what is hCG and how does it work? What is included in the hCG Program? What can I expect? How is your hCG Program different from other hCG programs?

These are all great questions, since hCG shots is not the right solution for everyone. Following our hCG weight loss program with professional support can result in some significant weight loss results and improved health! We want all of our patients to understand that although we are eager, like you, to see weight loss, our main objective is to help you KEEP off the weight and have a HEALTHY lifestyle. For this reason, our medically supervised hCG Program consists of two phases and includes much more than just hCG shots.

What Is hCG and How Does It Work?

hCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. It is an amino acid that assists the body with weight loss by burning fat instead of muscle, and aid in the reduction of hunger. It does this by working with the hypothalamus, which is the part of the brain that controls thirst, fatigue, hunger, temperature, and sleep.

What Is Included With the Georgia HCG Weight Loss Program?

  • Medical evaluation with our Nurse Practitioner to pre-screen for any medical conditions
  • Laboratory blood work to detect blood sugar issues or other health concerns
  • Nutritional guidance / counseling with our Wellness Coach to ensure proper food selections
  • Weekly check-ins that include tracking weight loss, measurements, body fat composition, blood sugar, blood pressure, and ketones
  • Daily hCG Injections to assist your body in burning fat instead of muscle and aiding in the reduction of hunger
  • Weekly B12 Injections to assist with energy levels
  • Supplements to provide key nutrients and minerals, especially when on a very low calorie diet

What Can I Expect?

During Phase I, our patients utilize daily hCG shots, weekly B12 injections, weekly check-ins with our medical staff, appointments with our Wellness Coach, and daily pharmaceutical-grade supplements. Our patients are CLOSELY guided on a low caloric diet (not less than 500 Calories).

During Phase II, our patients continue weekly B12 injections, weekly check-ins with our medical staff, appointments with our Wellness Coach, and supplementation. During this phase, we strategically reintroduce foods and increase calorie consumption.. We see this as a very important time to avoid any weight gain and to coach you on a healthier lifestyle so you will KEEP the weight off and FEEL BETTER!

Georgia HCG Weight Loss Program Locations

We proudly provide hCG weight loss program throughout the following Georgia, US communities:

How Is the Optimum Health Rehab hCG Weight Loss Program Different?

We like to stress that our wellness practitioners work closely with you during both Phase I and Phase II. In a poll completed by the hCG Diet Council, it was found that without the guidance of a properly trained and experienced hCG clinician, 65% of hCG dieters polled were frustrated and quit the hCG program, and 88% did not know how to properly transition into successful maintenance. Price ranges from $349-$949 depending on how much weight you would like to lose. A complimentary consultation in Optimum Health Rehab can be scheduled by calling 877-704-1761 or fill this form.

For more information about hCG shots, click HERE.

* Weight loss results may very from person to person.

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