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If you’re experiencing back, neck, shoulder, or other musculoskeletal pain, you may wonder if a Tucker chiropractor can help. The answer is yes. We help patients with many different kinds of pain, not just back pain (although we can help with your back pain, too). At Optimum Health Rehab, our chiropractic and wellness specialists are available to evaluate your pain or injury, take imaging tests, perform a physical exam, and create a treatment strategy to relieve your pain. This may include chiropractic care and other therapies.

Tucker Chiropractors, Wellness Experts, and Pain Management Specialists

At Optimum Health Rehab, we offer a full-service wellness experience. Many people come to us for our expertise in chiropractic care, but we also offer other services to aid in your healing and recovery.

How do you know what services you need? We’ll start by taking a history and discussing your current pain or other symptoms and your wellness goals. Next, we’ll order tests as needed, including X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, and nerve conduction testing. We’ll also perform a physical exam before recommending a strategic plan to address all your needs.

Here are some of the services we provide at Optimum Health Rehab:

Chiropractic Care

The goal of chiropractic care is to help patients reduce pain and improve their range of motion by identifying and treating misalignments or blockages in the spine, and sometimes other joints. The spine is often a source of pain, even if the pain is felt elsewhere, because its nerves connect the brain with the rest of the body. The vertebrae, or bones of the spine, are flexible and can easily slip out of place. This abnormal movement of the bones is called a “vertebral subluxation,” and it is typically corrected with spinal manipulation to ease the vertebrae back into alignment.

What Causes Subluxations or Misalignments of the Spine?

There are many reasons that spinal misalignment can occur, but here are some of the most common causes:

  • Growth deformities, such as scoliosis, a curvature of the spine, or bony growths on the spine.
  • Sleeping in an awkward position. If you’ve ever heard someone say they have a backache because they slept wrong, you can understand another way that spinal misalignments happen. Sometimes when you sleep in a strange position, the resulting pain is temporary, but other times, it persists. If this is the case, seeing a chiropractor is a good way to help get your spine back in alignment.
  • Repetitive motion. We often see these injuries in factory workers or other people whose job requires repeating the same motion or activity over and over. In these cases, regular chiropractic care is often needed, as the spine will likely drift back out of alignment when the patient returns to the repeated behavior.
  • Dietary factors. Fast food and heavily-processed snacks are everywhere, and many people eat a diet that doesn’t meet all their nutritional needs. But vitamins and minerals from healthy foods help strengthen the bones and spine and keep muscles, ligaments, and tissues healthy. Without them, spinal subluxations are more likely.
  • Emotional stress. Today more people than ever experience stress because of work, school, family, and other responsibilities. But this stress often leads to higher blood pressure, tight muscles and ligaments, and higher levels of stress hormones like cortisol. All of these factors can increase the risk of spinal misalignment.
  • Physical stress. Anything that causes physical stress on the spine can also up your risk. For example, lifting an object that’s too heavy can put a strain on your back and cause one or more vertebrae to pull out of alignment.
  • Injury. It’s very common for people to experience subluxations secondary to a car accident, a fall, or another sudden injury. In some cases, the misalignment is missed by doctors because it coincides with other injuries, or a doctor may diagnose the pain as a muscle strain or spasm. If you begin experiencing back pain after an accident and it doesn’t go away on its own, a chiropractor may be your best choice for receiving an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

How Are Spinal Subluxations Treated?

For a chiropractic adjustment, we will ask you to lie down on a special table where we can elevate your limbs or other body parts to facilitate spinal manipulation. Next, we’ll locate the misalignments and correct each one by applying a sudden, controlled force. Some people think this sounds scary, but it’s actually quick and painless. In some cases, when we tell patients that we’re done, they ask what we did because they didn’t even feel it!

After a chiropractic adjustment, we may give you advice about how to avoid future misalignments, and in some cases, we will prescribe exercises for you to do at home. If necessary, we will schedule a follow-up appointment, and we might also prescribe other therapies to help promote the healing process.


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Injury Care

As mentioned earlier, we treat many patients who have suffered injuries in car accidents or other personal injury situations. Our goal is always to help you with pain, lost function, and other symptoms that may linger post-injury. This may include chiropractic care and other therapies designed to heal your injuries and improve strength and flexibility.

Another important aspect of injury care is documenting your treatment for your legal team or insurance claim. Often people who have been injured seek compensation from the at-fault party or their liability insurance. The problem is that insurance companies aren’t always eager to pay a claim, and in many cases, reject claims based on the lack of some evidence related to the injury. For this reason, it’s important to have properly documented medical records of all your injuries. At Optimum Health Rehab, we document your injuries and treatment carefully and are happy to work with your personal injury lawyer to provide them with the records they need.

Pain Management

Pain management is an increasingly serious problem today. The opioid crisis brought about a sharp decrease in prescriptions for opioids, as shown by the CDC’s own tracking of opioid dispensing rates. From 2010 to 2020, total opioid prescriptions in the US fell from over 251 million to just under 143 million, a decrease of more than 100 million prescriptions a year. At the same time, the dispensing rate per 100 persons fell from 81.2 to 43.3, meaning that the rate was almost halved.

With doctors relying less on strong prescription painkillers, pain patients are largely left to search for alternatives. Their doctors may offer non-opioid prescriptions that don’t work as well or that have unpleasant side effects. In some cases, a physician may recommend surgery, but any surgery comes with risks, and some have long recovery times. Many patients tell us that they don’t want the risk of addiction that comes with opioids, the side effects found with many other medications, or the difficulty and uncertainty of an operation.

Fortunately, there are other options. At Optimum Health Rehab, we work with you to develop a pain management plan. This may include chiropractic care, massage therapy, regenerative treatments, neurologic treatments, and other therapies targeted toward reducing pain. These treatments are very safe and most have few to no side effects for the majority of patients. If you’ve been looking for an alternative pain solution, please contact us for a consultation.

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