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At Optimum Health Rehab, we offer chiropractic care and other therapies to help you recover from pain or injuries. If you’re having back, neck, or joint pain and want a safe, natural solution, please contact us today for an evaluation of your symptoms. We’ll use our full suite of diagnostic tools to determine the root cause of your difficulties, then develop a treatment plan specific to your needs.

Holistic Approaches to Chiropractic Care at Optimum Health Rehab

First, it’s helpful to understand that chiropractic care is about more than treating a bad back (although we can certainly do that). We consider the whole patient, their life, and their treatment goals. Some people simply want to reduce their pain, while others are eager to get back on the golf course. Many patients also have concerns about taking medication with unpleasant side effects, or they hope to avoid undergoing surgery.

At Optimum Health Rehab, we get to know our patients and work with them to provide multiple solutions. Often we identify other health concerns when addressing a patient’s primary reason for their visit. For example, we might find someone who came in for back pain also suffers from fatigue and stress. We will then work to offer treatment options for all three challenges so the patient can feel their best.

Here are some of the additional services we may recommend to complement your chiropractic care:

  • Therapeutic services and rehabilitation
  • Personal injury or car accident injury treatment
  • Trigger point injections
  • Regenerative medicine, including platelet-rich plasma injections (PRP)
  • Physical medicine diagnostic testing
  • Nerve conduction velocity (NCV) testing
  • HCG weight loss

Is Chiropractic Care Effective?

Chiropractic care consists of manipulating the musculoskeletal system, most commonly the spine, into its ideal alignment. The spine is made up of 33 bones, known as vertebrae, connected by 31 pairs of spinal nerves and roots. Blockages or misalignments anywhere in this system can lead to pain – sometimes, it occurs in the area that is misaligned, and sometimes it’s referred elsewhere in the body by the nerves.

A chiropractor will listen to your description of your symptoms, take a medical history, ask questions as needed, and perform a physical exam. They will also use imaging studies like X-rays, MRIs, or CT scans to help reveal the source of your pain. Once a diagnosis is made, the chiropractor will gently adjust the spine to correct misalignments or take pressure off nerves. Depending on your condition, we may also adjust individual joints as needed.


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Injury Care After an Accident

An injury from a car collision or another kind of accident can leave you in a lot of pain. Unfortunately, if you don’t seek care for your injury quickly after it happens, you may have a more difficult time getting the responsible party’s insurance carrier to pay your claim.

You should know that not everyone experiences pain immediately after an injury occurs. In many cases, injured people feel fine in the moments after an accident. Adrenaline or the distraction of the crash may prevent them from noticing the pain. Some injuries also become more painful with time as the body attempts to heal itself, and the area becomes inflamed and swollen. If you experienced an accident, thought you were uninjured, and developed pain or other symptoms within a few days of the crash, please see a chiropractor immediately. We can not only treat your injuries but also document them for your insurance claim.

Some common car accident injuries include:

  • Back and neck pain, which could be a soft tissue injury like whiplash or a bone or joint problem
  • Shoulder pain
  • Muscle pain in various parts of the body
  • Joint pain

Sometimes people don’t seek treatment after an accident because they’re concerned about the cost, especially if they don’t have the most robust health insurance coverage. Unfortunately, delaying treatment could make your pain or injuries worse in some situations. If you were injured in a car accident and another driver was even possibly at fault, it’s a good idea to talk to a personal injury lawyer about your options for seeking compensation. You should also have your injuries checked by a chiropractor as soon as possible, both to protect your health and to make the claims process following an accident much easier. If you wait several days or weeks to seek treatment, the other driver’s insurer may claim that your injuries had nothing to do with the accident.

Weight Loss Plans

Weight loss is a struggle for many people. In 2022, 52 percent of Americans surveyed by Food Insight reported that they were on some sort of diet to lose weight. Unfortunately, diets don’t work for a lot of people – that’s why there are so many of them. Maybe you’re familiar with the yo-yo effect – you go on a diet, lose some weight, then go back to your old eating habits and gain it all back and maybe a few pounds extra. It’s a frustrating cycle.

This is the norm for many people who want to lose weight. The problem is that diets tend to be restrictive and only work until people inevitably give up on them. Instead, it’s better to work with a wellness professional who can help you make gradual lifestyle changes to overall healthier eating habits.

At Optimum Health Rehab, we offer weight loss solutions, starting with a panel of diagnostic tests to determine if there are any challenges standing in the way of your weight loss, such as a hormone imbalance or thyroid condition. Next, we’ll put together a customized plan to assist you with achieving your weight loss goals and maintaining your progress. Here are some options we may recommend:

  • HCG injections
  • B12 injection
  • Lipotropic compounds
  • Natural supplements
  • Coaching, monitoring, and support

Pain Management Solutions

Pain is a major problem for many new patients at Optimum Health Rehab and is one of the leading reasons people come to see us. It’s hard to function when you’re in pain, but your responsibilities at work and home aren’t going anywhere. You need a solution, but you may not want to take strong painkillers or other medications with side effects. Or, your doctor may have suggested surgery, but you have concerns about whether it’s the right choice for you.

If you’re looking for a safe pain management alternative to prescription pain pills or risky surgery, please give us a call at Optimum Health Rehab. We’ve assisted many patients who wanted to postpone or altogether avoid surgery, as well as those who couldn’t or didn’t want to take opioids or other medications. Here are some of the therapies we employ for pain management:

  • Chiropractic adjustment. Many people are surprised at how well adjustments work for their pain. We’ve had patients tell us that they tried multiple medications in the past and didn’t get as much relief as spinal manipulation afforded them. Although chiropractic adjustment is most popular for back and neck problems, in many cases we can treat pain in other areas of the body, too. Pain that originates in the spine is often “referred,” or felt elsewhere.
  • Platelet-rich plasma injections. We often do this treatment for patients who are hoping to postpone surgery on a joint with chronic pain. Our specialists will draw your blood, place it in a centrifuge, and single out a liquid called platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which is full of proteins and other compounds that promote the healing process. We then inject this plasma into the area of concern to help heal the joint or muscle. Many patients are able to put off having surgery after receiving these injections.
  • Neurology services. Sometimes chronic pain doesn’t respond to treatment because it originates with a nerve problem rather than inflammation in a joint or ligament. If nerve testing shows this is the issue, we have a number of treatments that may help. ESTIM and TENS unit therapies use electrical stimulation to interfere with pain signals and may produce serious improvement for some patients. Others may benefit from a combination of therapies to relieve pressure on a pinched or compressed nerve.

Physical therapy and therapeutic exercises. Our specialists will consider your pain and other symptoms and put together a plan to help you strengthen your body, improve circulation, and reduce pain through stretching and other exercises.

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