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More American adults are facing lower back pain than ever. Lifting heavy objects as part of their routine can lead to pain and discomfort, as can inactivity, working in sedentary positions, and facing everyday stressors.

Suffering from lower back pain can interfere with your ability to carry out your routine. Some estimates suggest that up to 80 percent of American adults will experience low back pain at some point in their life, severe enough to seek medical advice and treatment.

The severity of back pain can range from temporary to chronic, debilitating, and hindering their quality of life.

Optimum Health Rehab provides comprehensive diagnostic, treatment, and wellness services targeting all underlying pain and discomfort. Reach out to schedule an initial consultation when you call (678)546-8044 or contact us online today.

Chiropractic Care Is an Effective Form of Lower Back Pain Treatment

Chiropractors operate from the belief that the spine’s health affects a patient’s overall physical, mental, and emotional health. This is because the spine directly connects with the central nervous system and plays a central role in the health of your bodily operations.

Since the central nervous system controls almost every function in the body, its good standing is crucial to the patient’s health and quality of life.

Spinal adjustments can restore the natural alignment and functioning of the central nervous system. In many cases, these manipulations can provide lower back pain relief on their own, but they may be accompanied by other interventions.

Physical therapy, neurological treatments, PRP injections, and other methods may be used as a part of a custom care plan to target and alleviate the source of lower back issues.

Choosing the Best Dacula Treatment Provider for Your Lower Back Pain

While searching for a healthcare provider, you want to consider their experience first. Patients do not look for the cheapest doctor but look for a positive reputation and past successes in handling similar medical cases to their own.

Prospective patients should research their healthcare providers through reviews and Google searches and confirming their licensing is in good standing.

Learning about a chiropractor’s past patients and researching the doctor’s experience and credentials will help you find the best lower back pain chiropractor for your needs.

Causes of back pain can vary from person to person. The techniques and approaches used in lower back pain treatment are dependent on each patient’s unique condition and the source of their back pain.

The more real-world experience a chiropractor has, the better equipped he or she will be to correctly identify and treat the problem.

Questions to Ask Your Potential Care Provider

When seeking to work with a care provider in order to address lower back pain, first evaluate their level of experience.

Have they worked on cases similar to yours? Are there particular remedies they find effective based on past patients?

You also want to ensure that the provider and their organization are in good standing, both professionally and within the community.

Look up their license to see if they have any current issues with the medical board, and search for reviews on places like Yelp and Google to verify that other patients have had a good experience.

Finally, ensure that they are willing to customize their treatment plans to your specific needs based on your overall health profile as well as interventions you have already tried.

What Should I Expect During My Lower Back Pain Treatment Visit?

Patients seek chiropractic care to treat their lower back pain before seeking more invasive treatments like surgery or injections.

A typical round of lower back pain therapy begins with a thorough evaluation by a chiropractor. Patients will be asked to describe their symptoms, how often they occur, and how they affect their ability to perform daily tasks and responsibilities.

Patients can expect to talk about strength-building, any limits in flexibility, and an analysis of their lifestyle.

For example: do you work standing on your feet all day, or are you working in an office? Around how many hours a week do you think you are active on a given day?

These factors can give insight into why you suffer from lower back pain.

A good lower back pain treatment specialist will ask for your input and answer your questions during your initial visit and chiropractic adjustments. Understanding patients and their unique needs makes it easier to identify a treatment plan that can begin helping and lead to success.

If you encounter a chiropractor that isn’t meeting your needs and comfort level as a patient, you may want to keep looking for a healthcare provider who will meet your needs.

Diagnosing Lower Back Pain

It is not uncommon for a patient to have more than one root cause of their pain. Imaging has proven time and time again to be the best course of action when it comes to identifying the source of lower back pain. 

At Optimum Health Rehab, patients can expect a series of image testing, depending on the severity of their pain, completed through X-Ray scans, CT Scans, and MRIs.

Each type of scan serves a unique purpose: identifying bone spurs or providing more detailed images showing soft tissues.

They may also receive a full evaluation from our chiropractic or neurological experts. Qualitative interviews and exams may be performed, revealing the extent of your pain and when it tends to trigger most regularly.

Treating Your Lower Back Pain

At the conclusion of your assessment, your managing provider will recommend a treatment plan based on your test results and their analysis.

Today, a growing number of medical doctors are adopting the practice of spinal manipulation as an effective form of low back pain treatment. Adjustments may include pulling, pushing, or re-positioning the neck, hips, or head.

Many manual therapies performed by chiropractors are effective ways to treat the underlying causes of low back pain, including lumbar herniated discs. This type of pain treatment stimulates the body’s healing processes by relieving pressure on the central nervous system.

Patients may encounter treatment plans that use mobilization, or low-velocity manipulations, to improve a patient’s pain-free range of motion.

The lower back pain treatment that’s right for you will vary with your physical condition and symptoms at the time of diagnosis.

If you have only experienced short-term benefits from past back treatment, there’s a good chance the treatment was geared towards the symptoms of low back pain and not the cause.

Some back pain treatments are strictly focused on masking the pain, while others are intended to treat the true source of your low back pain.

At Optimum Health, we always seek to optimize the treatment plan in order to directly address your unique symptoms, health profile, and lifestyle.

Some examples that your treatment plan may include are:

  • Chiropractic adjustment
  • Pain injections
  • Physical therapy
  • Massage
  • Medical devices
  • Hydrotherapy

What Can I Expect After a Lower Back Pain Treatment Session?

While each patient will have a unique treatment program, most patients can expect to feel slight muscle soreness after a treatment session. Any soreness after a session will gradually go away over the following days in most cases.

Additionally, patients can expect a treatment plan with suggested changes to their lifestyles outside of their treatment sessions.

This can range from increased exercise sessions to their regular routine, improved diet to include less processed and inflammatory ingredients, practicing good posture, adding good practices to improve sleep quality, and avoiding very heavy objects.

Physical Rehabilitation for Lower Back Pain

Another effective method for addressing lower back pain is through the use of rehabilitative exercise. While there may be an underlying injury, nerve tissue, or other type of condition triggering back pain, it can be made worse by imbalances in our musculoskeletal system.

This is especially true in cases of low activity, long-term sitting/standing as part of an occupation, or past injury. 

Simply put: stiff muscles in the lower back, legs, and hips lead to cascading tension and issues in the remainder of the body. These systems of atrophied or spasming muscles can trigger lower back pain episodes while making recovery less productive.

A physical therapy routine can be crafted in order to help you stretch, strengthen, and relieve tension in the affected areas. For example, tightness in the hamstrings or quadricep muscles can affect overall posture, creating pressure on the lower back and the lower spine.

Stretching and exercising muscles in the legs and lower back helps restore proper posture while addressing inflammation and tension that can otherwise make lower back pain hard to address.

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