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Physical Rehabilitation in Dacula

Do you experience pain in your shoulders, neck, or back? Do you find that the headaches you’re experiencing can’t be alleviated no matter what you try to do? After being in an accident, are you still experiencing pain that comes and goes, or are you living with chronic pain that is not relieved with over-the-counter medicines? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s possible that you could benefit from receiving physical rehabilitation at one of the most reputable health clinics in Dacula, Georgia, specializing in physical rehabilitation, Optimum Health Rehab.

Patients healing from their injury can take advantage of the extensive range of treatments available at Optimum Health Rehab, which has wellness professionals, doctors, nurse practitioners, and chiropractors on staff to meet all of your needs. These services mix traditional Western medical care with other complementary and alternative treatments to provide patients with the best possible outcomes for treating their symptoms and conditions.

Your injuries will be evaluated by our specialists in physical rehabilitation, who, in addition to the state-of-the-art diagnostic suites we have accessible here, will draw upon their many years of experience to determine the root cause of your symptoms. They will use their findings to build a physical rehabilitation program for you that will assist in lowering the pain you are experiencing and restoring your mobility. This program will be developed using the diagnostic tools we have to create an individualized treatment plan custom-tailored for you. Our number one objective is to provide patients with upstanding, emphatic medical care that is performed at the highest possible standard without the use of potentially addictive pharmaceutical medications or surgery.

When Is the Appropriate Time to Begin Contemplating Participation in Physical Rehabilitation?

The physical rehabilitation services that Dacula Optimum Health Rehab provides are likely to appeal to clients who come from a wide variety of different demographics and life experiences due to the wide variety of services available. For example, patients regularly seek out our services to treat injuries acquired due to slips and falls, sports injuries, traffic accidents, and other personal injuries. In addition, we see patients who are suffering from fibromyalgia, shoulder pain, neck pain, sciatica, and back pain as a result of injuries acquired on the job, repetitive stress, or from overuse. A wide variety of patients come to us to relieve their pain and symptoms.

If you are looking for non-invasive alternatives to the more traditional methods of managing pain, such as surgery or potentially-addictive pharmaceutical medications, and are currently experiencing either acute or chronic pain, you should call the number listed for the Optimum Health Rehab clinic that is most convenient for you to learn more about our pain management treatment options.

Rehabilitative Treatment for Victims of Automobile Crashes

After being involved in a car crash, many car accident injury victims seek help from physical rehabilitation specialists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and other wellness professionals. One element contributing to this phenomenon is the fact that over 2 million people are injured in vehicle crashes each year. Another reason why people sought physical therapy and other alternative therapies after a car accident was because of the numerous benefits that these types of treatments can bring.

Injuries sustained in car accidents typically result in discomfort, just like injuries sustained in any other form of accident. Strangely, this discomfort may not reveal itself for some time following the accident, but once it does, it may make it more challenging to work or execute other chores that are part of everyday life. For many people who have been in car accidents, the pain in their neck is caused by whiplash, which is worsened by looking up. The soreness and discomfort that can be brought on by whiplash and other injuries can be alleviated by stretching and strengthening the afflicted muscles with the assistance of physical therapists.

A healthy blood flow is essential for a speedy recovery after suffering an injury. On the other hand, injuries sustained in automotive accidents typically result in muscle strain and other side effects that can inhibit blood flow. The result may be an injury that heals slowly. By utilizing various techniques, physical therapists can assist patients in reducing the tension in their muscles and improving their blood flow. As a result, your body is afforded a more direct path to the resources required for expedited recovery.

If the injuries sustained in a car accident are not treated appropriately, they may progress into chronic diseases. For instance, one medical study found that up to forty percent of people who had suffered from whiplash still felt their symptoms one year later. You can protect yourself from slipping into this category by receiving physical treatment. According to a study conducted on patients who had suffered from whiplash, physical therapy was an essential part of the treatment plan that enabled 81% of patients to forgo the need for extra medical care six months after their initial treatment.

If you were injured in a car accident in Dacula, you might need help knowing where to go to receive medical treatment for your injuries. You can seek assistance from the physical therapists at Optimum Health Rehab.

Dacula Massage Therapy

Most of our sites in the state of Georgia additionally provide massage therapy services. It is possible that, based on the root of your injury and your current condition, we will recommend one or more of the following massage therapy treatments:

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Myofascial massage
  • Trigger point massage
  • Full-body Swedish massage
  • Sports massage
  • Prenatal massage

A patient receives a customized treatment plan that considers the nature of their ailment after an accurate diagnosis has been made for their condition. Chiropractic care, massage therapy, and/or other forms of physical rehabilitation may be incorporated into this strategy.

Our staff at Optimum Health Rehab, which specializes in managing injuries and pain, has been educated to give a wide variety of physical rehabilitation treatments. Our facility specializes in injury and pain management. Because of this, we can differentiate ourselves from the many other chiropractors who specialize in accident cases in the state of Georgia.

Physical Rehabilitation Benefits

After a serious accident, surgery, fall, illness, or another incident that resulted in injury. Physical therapy can help you return to your previous level of function or your optimum potential. You’ll gain more strength, but you’ll also likely feel less discomfort and have better balance, endurance, and exercise tolerance. Physical therapy can help stop falls and avert future hospital readmissions. Your participation in daily life will be enhanced by the physical advantages of rehabilitation. For instance, you might be able to go from using a wheelchair to walking without the use of any tools, go back to work, get dressed and wash on your own, or resume an important interest you had to give up due to your condition.

Dacula Optimum Health Rehab

Optimum Health Rehab places a much greater emphasis on the well-being of the whole body than the majority of other experts in Georgia who treat injuries sustained in car accidents and provide services related to pain management. Optimum Health Rehab’s services include injury treatment and pain management. Our chiropractors, nurse practitioners, and wellness specialists have all received extensive training in the myriad ways in which the many systems of the body synergistically interact with one another. This allows them to provide patients with comprehensive care that addresses the whole body. We frequently counsel our patients to participate in physical rehabilitation activities that contribute to improved overall health so that the healing process can be sped up, enhanced muscular strength can be achieved, and ultimately, the patient will experience less discomfort and greater mobility as a result of these positive outcomes.

For those who are interested, our staff can offer assistance in a variety of additional areas, such as nutritional counseling, lifestyle coaching, help with weight loss, participation in detoxification programs, and even regenerative therapy. Our team of experts is comprised of various professions, including chiropractors who have earned board certification, massage therapists who have worked in the field for a significant amount of time, medical assistants, nurse practitioners, doctors, and more. During your one-on-one appointment, we will try our best to address any questions you may have regarding interdisciplinary treatments and physical rehabilitation.

Dacula Physical Rehabilitation at Optimum Health Rehab

Your initial consultation for rehabilitative care at our Georgia Dacula location will conclude within forty-five minutes at the absolute most, and we can collaborate with a diverse array of health insurance companies. Patients who do not have health insurance or who do have insurance but do not intend to use it have the option of purchasing one of our cash-only packages, which are much less expensive than the other options available to them. You can make an appointment with us for a consultation by calling 678-546-8044 or contacting us online. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you! Whatever the case may be, we eagerly anticipate your response.

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