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Chiropractic Treatment in Hiram

People often have questions about chiropractic treatment, especially if they have not been to a chiropractor before. A chiropractic adjustment is a method of correcting misalignments in the spine that can cause pain, stiffness, and discomfort. We will conduct a thorough examination using diagnostic imaging like X-rays or CT scans, then begin a physical exam. Upon finding a misaligned vertebra, or vertebral subluxation, we’ll gently correct it by applying a sudden, controlled force to move the bone back into place.

How Can Hiram Chiropractor Treatment Help You?

Some people think chiropractors only treat back pain, but this isn’t true. We can assist you with various back, neck, and other musculoskeletal issues. Many people come to us about recurring or chronic pain after a car accident, sports injury, or another injury. Others may have pain that seemingly appears for no reason. We can help in all these situations because, unlike a general practitioner or urgent care doctor, we specialize in helping people treat their pain. Our full diagnostic suite ensures we find the cause or causes of your discomfort rather than simply treating the symptoms.

Additionally, chiropractic adjustment is only one of many treatments we offer, although it is very popular. We provide multiple treatment options based on your diagnosis and goals. These may include the following:

  • Physical therapy is used to address a variety of injuries and musculoskeletal difficulties. It can be employed to reduce pain, increase your range of motion, and help you reclaim any lost function. Physical therapy may even allow you to postpone or avoid surgery and recover from or prevent sports injuries. You can also improve your balance and core strength while decreasing the risk of taking a fall or having other injuries.
  • Regenerative medicine treatments like plasma-rich platelet injections (PRP) allow you to experience cutting-edge therapies for muscle, joint, or nerve injuries. PRP injections are created from your blood while you wait in the office, so there is no need for a second appointment. After removing the platelet-rich plasma, which contains high amounts of bio proteins and growth hormones, we inject it into an injured muscle, tendon, or nerve. This concentrated dose of proteins and growth hormones promotes healing in the injection area and is an excellent treatment for persistent pain.
  • We provide several types of neurological services, depending on your situation. In some cases, we may use nerve conduction studies to determine if your pain or other symptoms can be traced back to a damaged nerve. We can also do neurological physical therapy to assist you if you’re recovering from a neurological injury. Additionally, electrical stimulation treatments may be an option for drug-free pain relief.

Is Chiropractic Treatment Painful?

No. A chiropractic adjustment should never be painful. Some patients may feel mild pressure or a “popping” sensation, and it’s common to hear popping noises as gas escapes from the joints. This is normal and in no way harmful. Many patients don’t feel anything – some even ask if we really adjusted them! (We did.)

Some pain is normal during physical therapy, which often involves exercises to improve flexibility and strength. Patients who need physical rehabilitation may have had limited mobility for some time due to their injuries, and getting the muscles and joints back in shape can cause discomfort. However, if you’re having significant pain, please let us know. We can modify your exercises or move at a slower pace while your body adjusts. In some cases, if you have a lot of inflammation contributing to your pain and making it hard to do therapy, we may be able to prescribe pain relief injections. These are only short-term solutions, so you can work on a long-term solution (building up your strength again).

Muscle soreness is also common in patients doing physical rehabilitation. Our therapists will often prescribe cold therapy after a session to help reduce muscle inflammation and lessen the pain. We also recommend massage therapy in between sessions to combat inflammation, increase circulation and healing, and help you relax and relieve stress.

Is Chiropractic Treatment Safe?

Yes, chiropractic treatment performed by a licensed professional is very safe. Our chiropractors and therapists are all highly skilled and experienced in their areas of expertise. For many people, chiropractic care or other treatments provide an alternative to risky surgery or pain medications with problematic side effects.

It’s also safer to seek wellness advice from a qualified professional than from an internet search or a wellness influencer on social media. We often meet people who ask about a supplement or treatment they saw on Instagram or TikTok. Some of these products may be useful for certain people in specific situations, but they’re rarely appropriate for everyone. If you have concerns about weight loss, fitness, or nutrition, please make an appointment with one of our wellness advisors. We will consider your medical history and goals when creating a nutritional and supplement plan just for you.

How Quickly Will You See Results From a Chiropractic Treatment?

This varies depending on several factors, including the kind of injury you have, how long you’ve had it, and your response to treatment. Many patients feel relief within a few minutes of a chiropractic adjustment. However, if a misalignment has been putting pressure on a nerve or causing other issues for a long time, you may have some residual pain for a few days. Other people feel better after several adjustments and other treatments to address co-existing issues (like muscle injuries or nerve pain). It’s also possible for subluxations to recur, especially if you’ve gotten into the habit of moving a certain way that encourages the vertebrae to slip out of alignment. For this reason, some patients feel their best when they have regular appointments with a chiropractor.

Do You Need a Referral From Your Doctor to See a Chiropractor?

We don’t require one, but in some cases, your insurance carrier may only pay for treatment if you were referred to a chiropractor. You may want to check with your insurance company about their specific policy.

Does Medical Insurance cover Chiropractic Care?

Most of the time, chiropractic treatment is covered for back and neck pain and other musculoskeletal issues. There will probably be a copay, and your insurance company can answer questions about how much it is. Physical therapy is also usually covered, although some insurers place a cap on how many sessions they will pay for each year. On the other hand, some insurance companies refuse to pay for massage therapy or regenerative treatments.

If you have questions about your insurance coverage or copays, please let our attentive office staff know. They can help you estimate your portion of a covered expense or explain what is and isn’t included in an insurance plan.

In some situations, there may be additional options for insurance coverage. For example, if your pain resulted from a car accident, you may be able to seek compensation for your medical expenses, including chiropractic care, from the at-fault driver or their auto insurance policy. Depending on the details of the accident and the type of car insurance policy you have, it may also be possible to seek coverage from your own auto insurance. Injuries from other accidents also sometimes qualify for homeowner’s insurance or a business liability policy. If you’re struggling with medical costs after any kind of accident left you injured, we highly recommend speaking with a personal injury lawyer to explore your options.

It’s also important to get your injuries treated as soon as possible, both because it will help your pain earlier and so it will be easier to get compensation from an insurance policy. If your attorney believes they can seek compensation from an insurer, we will provide them with well-documented records of your injuries and treatment. Remember that if you have waited several weeks or months after your injury to seek treatment, the insurance company may claim that your injuries didn’t happen in the specified accident. Your lawyer may be able to refute these claims, but generally, it’s better to see a chiropractor as soon as you’re able.

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