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creating healthy eating habits

Turning Your Bad Eating Habits into Healthy Eating Habits

Bad eating habits can be difficult to break. Poor nutrition, such as eating processed foods packed with preservatives and high levels of sugar and sodium can lead to many chronic conditions, including obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Luckily, you can prevent and even reverse the impact of an unhealthy diet by making small, gradual changes in the everyday food choices you make. Basics of Healthy Eating The omnipresence of fast-food restaurants can make eating healthy a challenge. However, every unhealthy food choice you make can be replaced with a healthier alternative. For example, if you enjoy drinking coffee with a…

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diabetic diet plan

Nutrition and Diets You Should Follow if You Are Diabetic

The expression “We are what we eat,” might seem like a cliché remark to some but if you are one out of 34.2 million Americans suffering from diabetes, this statement is of particular importance to you. Since type 2 diabetes is a nutrition-related disease, controlling your blood sugar through medications and insulin is only effective when you follow a healthy diet. Why Is Nutrition So Important in Managing Diabetes? Diabetes is a chronic disease which requires long-term treatment. When neglected, it can lead to multiple complications, including but not limited to: Eye disease Skin infections Heart disease Nerve problems Tooth…

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Vitamin E Pills

Vitamin E Is an Essential Nutrient, but How Important Is It?

There has been controversy regarding the need for vitamin E and how much we really need.  A recent study recommends that adequate amounts of vitamin E are especially critical for infants, pregnant women, and the elderly. It is one of the most difficult vitamins to obtain through diet. It is estimated that only a small percent of Americans consume enough dietary vitamin E to meet the recommended daily allowance, which is typically much lower than optimum amounts. On the other hand, some experts have raised unnecessary alarms about excessive vitamin E intake when most people obtain insufficient amounts in their…

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