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Thyroid Panel and Treatments in Georgia

The thyroid panel performed by Optimum Health Rehab helps evaluate thyroid gland function and diagnose thyroid disorders. We don’t just measure your thyroid hormones, thyroxine, or triiodothyronine levels, we also take into account your lifestyle, diet, and other health factors when analyzing your results. Our team’s extensive knowledge and experience in wellness helps us identify changes you can make in your lifestyle, diet, or health practices to better manage hormone levels.

What We Do About Thyroid Imbalances

  1. Perform a comprehensive background screening and history
  2. Administer a detailed panel and other diagnostics
  3. Use extensive didactic experience to analyze your results
  4. Develop a customized care plan to correct thyroid imbalances

These customized thyroid treatments might include:

  • Natural or pharmaceutical supplementation
  • Glandular treatment programs
  • Modified diets to improve gut health
  • Lifestyle changes, including exercise or a rehabilitative plan
  • Chiropractic adjustments and care (nerve impingement can impact the thyroid function)

The body’s many systems work together synergistically. Problems in one area can potentially lead to thyroid imbalances, which is why transparency with your health care professionals is so important when seeking an accurate diagnosis.

Potential Symptoms That May Point to Thyroid Imbalances

  • Feeling tired or sluggish
  • Inability to lose weight even with exercise
  • Feeling cold in your hands, feet, or all over
  • Requiring excessive amounts of sleep to function
  • Gaining weight even on low-calorie diets
  • Difficult, infrequent bowel movements
  • Depression or lack of motivation
  • Morning headaches that wear off over the day
  • Thinning hair on your scalp, face, or genitals
  • Skin or scalp dryness
  • Mental sluggishness
  • Anxiety or mood swings
  • Insomnia
  • Night sweats
  • Brain fog
  • Heart palpitations
  • Increased pulse even at rest

There are scientific reasons why thyroid replacement hormones alone may be failing to help you. Depending on certain factors, thyroid replacement may even be harmful. Some doctors might tell you nothing more can be done once your thyroid panel results show normal levels, but we are committed to pursuing a more holistic approach to thyroid imbalances.

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Find a Total Body Solution to Your Thyroid Problems

Optimum Health Rehab’s approach to thyroid treatments goes far beyond simply prescribing hormone replacements. We’ll perform thorough diagnostics and detailed analysis to get to the root cause of your thyroid imbalances.

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