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Wellness Services in Dacula

The human body is comprised of a great many different complex systems, all of which are interconnected with one another. A wide variety of negative physiological symptoms may have their origins in one or more of a number of illnesses, including hormonal imbalances, dietary allergies, and digestive health issues, to name just a few of the possibilities.

Primary care physicians are valuable for many different aspects of your regular health care; however, they may not use a truly comprehensive and in-depth approach to diagnosing underlying issues, which can have far-reaching effects. Although primary care physicians are valuable, it is important to see a specialist for any underlying conditions that may be missed by a primary care physician. Despite the fact that primary care physicians play a significant role, it is essential to keep in mind that they might not take such an approach.

Despite the fact that many people would rather find natural or non-invasive solutions to their health problems, modern medicine frequently turns to powerful prescription medications that come with equally powerful side effects in order to treat patients. The wellness professionals at Optimum Health Rehab are often able to assist patients in managing their conditions or reversing the effects of their illnesses by recommending natural supplements, adjustments to the patient’s diets, and other modifications to their lifestyles. This helps patients manage their conditions or reverse the effects of their illnesses.

To get started, we will do exhaustive and in-depth panels on you. These panels will not only consist of tests, but they will also include an open conversation about your lifestyle and your symptoms. Our health and wellness professionals make use of their extensive knowledge and experience in the interdependent systems that make up the human body in order to identify connections and hone in on particular problems.

It is the objective of our wellness team to provide you with a plan of action that will assist you in regaining control of your health. This will be accomplished by correctly detecting the actual source of your symptoms and delivering accurate diagnoses.

Some examples of our diagnostic and wellness services are as follows:

Tests for People’s Reactions to Different Foods (IgG)

A food sensitivity test might help you figure out which foods are responsible for making you feel sick. An intolerance to certain foods, also known as a sensitivity to certain foods, can have detrimental effects on one’s nutrition, in addition to contributing to problems with the immune system and inflammation.

The food sensitivity testing that is performed in our Optimum Health Rehab clinics in Dacula is more comprehensive than the at-home tests that can be purchased online. Our panels are looking for more biomarkers, particularly those that can be leveraged to evaluate the health and function of a patient’s gut lining, microbiota, and microbiome, as these are the biomarkers of particular interest.

If you entrust Optimum Health Rehab with your food sensitivity testing, you will benefit from the professional analysis that we are able to provide, which is possibly the most important advantage. Our wellness medicine professionals have received extensive training in evaluating the results of food sensitivity testing and determining whether or not there is a correlation between the test results and the symptoms that you are experiencing.

Adrenal Stress (ASI) Panels

The holistic method of treatment that is practiced at Optimum Health Rehab can be of assistance in alleviating the symptoms as well as the physical damage that can be caused by prolonged exposure to stress. By using specific and detail-oriented testing panels, we look for a wide range of potential imbalances or adverse reactions that could be the root cause of your stress and exhaustion. After that, our wellness specialists will work with you to develop stress management strategies that are both realistic and effective, with the goal of assisting you in regaining control over the effects of your stress.

Tests to Determine Whether or Not the Thyroid Is Dysfunctional

The thyroid panel that is performed at Optimum Health Rehab is helpful in determining both the diagnosis of thyroid illness and the function of the thyroid gland. We don’t simply look at your levels of thyroid hormones like thyroxine or triiodothyronine when evaluating your results; we also take into consideration your lifestyle, nutrition, and other factors of your health that are related to your well-being. Because of our staff’s extensive knowledge in the field of health, we are able to identify specific modifications to your diet, lifestyle, or treatment plan that can help you exert greater control over hormone levels.

An Examination of the Condition of the Gut (Gut Parasitology)

The state of one’s intestines is very important to one’s overall health. In addition, many hormone precursors are formed in the lining of the stomach. Some of these hormones play an important role in the metabolic processes of the body, including the regulation of hunger and the storage of fat. In addition to this, they have an effect on the sensitivity of insulin and glucose tolerance. Problems with digestive health can have long-lasting impacts and may aggravate or contribute to disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), or colitis.

In the digestive system, there are a variety of bacteria, some of which are beneficial, some of which are neutral, and some of which are harmful. Keeping a healthy balance of the good microorganisms in the gut is necessary for a number of bodily functions, including digestion, the utilization of nutrients, the elimination of waste products, and the eradication of pathogens. Poor digestion and malabsorption can be the root cause of a wide range of health problems, including immune system malfunction, dietary inadequacies, mental and emotional disorders, and autoimmune diseases.

Although we typically recommend beginning with natural supplements, our staff is able to provide prescription-strength versions in the event that they are required. Because certain imbalances may make it difficult for probiotics to be adequately absorbed, it may be important to make certain medical adjustments before prescribing treatments like probiotics. This is due to the fact that certain imbalances may make it difficult for probiotics to be properly absorbed.

Nutritional Counseling

Whether you are battling an ongoing health condition or are overweight, the dietitians at Optimum Health Rehab will be able to aid you. Our nutritionists in Georgia will recommend the appropriate diagnostic tests to ascertain whether your body is suffering from any possible nutritional deficiencies or other underlying medical conditions that may be preventing it from absorbing nourishment in the appropriate manner. After our wellness professionals have determined the nutritional deficits you are suffering from, they will design a nutrition therapy treatment plan that is specifically catered to you.

Inadequate nutrition can lead to a wide range of potential health problems, but imbalances that have little to do with one’s food can also play a role in the development of these problems. It’s possible that your nutritional deficiencies are the result of problems with digestion, your thyroid, or your intestinal health.

It is essential that the medical professionals who investigate your nutritional deficiencies correctly determine the underlying causes of your problems and take action to address those causes.We take a holistic approach, which means that in addition to comprehensive lifestyle advice, it also includes diagnostic panels and testing. We are able to precisely detect nutritional concerns and devise a plan to overcome your challenges as a result of the extensive knowledge that our team possesses regarding the interdependent operation of the numerous systems that make up the body.

Gain a New Perspective on How You Can Most Effectively Manage Your Overall Health and Wellness to Improve It

If you have been having issues losing weight despite doing everything perfectly, or if you are sick and tired of having sleepless nights, lethargy, or digestive problems, you may want to talk to a health expert in Georgia. You may find one here. We develop tailored treatment plans for our patients by doing extensive panel testing, conducting in-depth studies on their lifestyle choices, and drawing on years of experience during which we have witnessed others prevail over issues that are similar to their own.

It isn’t always easy or quick to find effective wellness therapies that will help you handle your health difficulties and live a life that is happier and healthier in general. This is because there are many different types of wellness therapies out there. The reassuring news is that we will be there for you at every single one of life’s many turns.

When patients come to see us with the intention of losing some weight, the very first thing that we do is ask them what they have already attempted and the difficulties that they have faced along the way in their journey to achieve their objective. Weekly B12 injections, optional lipotropic injections, pharmaceutical-grade vitamins, and weekly coaching sessions are all part of the strategy that we come up with together as a group in order to come up with a feasible solution.

We do more than just prescribe treatments; we follow up with patients and meet with them on a regular basis to assist them with taking responsibility as well as making decisions regarding their way of life.

When a patient comes to see us for any condition, whether it be digestive issues, insomnia, anxiety, suspected hormonal imbalances, or any other issue, we always put in the time and effort necessary to get to know them. This is true regardless of the condition that the patient is seeking treatment for. We may be able to create connections between your symptoms and the underlying cause of your problems, and it’s likely that those connections will surprise you.

Wellness Services by Optimum Health Rehab

Our Georgia locations are staffed with medical professionals and wellness experts who are committed to supporting you in improving your health so that you may live a life that is both less stressful and more enjoyable. Our offices are located in Georgia.

When confronted with health problems and the accompanying anguish that they create, it is easy to fall into a state of depression. At Optimum Health Rehab, we want you to know that reaching wellness is within your reach, and we are here to assist you in doing so. We want you to know that well-being is within your reach because we want to help you achieve it. Either give us a call at the number 678-546-8044 or fill out the form that can be found on our website to begin the ball rolling on your path to improved health.

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