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Everyone will feel a headache from time to time at some point in their lives. Whether caused by an injury, stress, or an underlying medical condition, headaches tend to resolve themselves with minimal medical intervention.

But, there are cases where resolving recurring headaches is not that simple, and headaches suddenly become a chronic issue that severely affects one’s ability to accomplish daily tasks.

Do not let a chronic headache stop you from doing the things you love. Chiropractic wellness is a great alternative solution to address headache pain.

Our professional team at Optimum Health Rehab Suwannee is ready to help you manage your symptoms and provide long-term solutions for your pain.

Stop headaches at their root cause, and stop only treating the symptoms. Many cases of headaches can be resolved with a combination of chiropractic care, wellness services, and lifestyle changes.

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Reasons to Seek Headache Treatment

People have headaches occasionally; however, when one battles headaches daily, interrupting their routines and ability to complete their work or responsibilities, it can be difficult to get anything done.

There are over 150 different types of headaches that can be triggered by many different underlying conditions like stress, physical strain, job hazards, poor posture, underlying health conditions, and more.

Headaches are considered either primary or secondary and have different causes.

Primary headaches are usually triggered by poor lifestyle habits like skipping meals or smoking. Secondary headaches, on the other hand, are more serious as they result from a more complicated underlying medical condition.

When you have a headache, your body is sending you a message. This is why finding the root cause of your pain is essential and critical to ensuring that you receive the proper treatment plan.

All our patients are scheduled for diagnostics before we begin treatment. This is meant to collect all prior medical history, treatments, and any results that worked in favor of resolving pain from headaches.

Oftentimes, a lot of headaches can be resolved by a slight lifestyle change, like making sure to drink more water or bettering your sleep patterns.

In more complex cases, additional treatment must be administered to help reduce headache pains, which can be accomplished through a combination of physical therapy sessions and chiropractic care.

Most Commonly Seen Headaches

While there are over 150 different types of headaches, the more commonly seen headaches are just over a handful. Most patients who come with chronic headaches find that they are experiencing:

  • Temporomandibular joint headache (TMJ)
  • Cluster headaches
  • Migraines
  • Sinusitis
  • Tension headaches
  • Cervicogenic headaches

Headaches are common in those who have a sedentary lifestyle or experience a lot of stress throughout their workday. Patients seeking relief from headaches should try to increase their overall physical activity and prevent sedentary lifestyles.

The Optimum Health Rehab Suwannee team knows that to find the underlying cause of your headaches is to learn more about you, your lifestyle, your diet, and your circumstances. They accomplish this through diagnostics before creating your individually developed therapy plan.

What Causes Chronic Headaches?

Generally, headaches occur when pain signals interact in your brain, blood vessels, and surrounding nerves. Headaches can run in families or result from environmental factors, allergies, secondhand smoke, and more.

However, headaches are considered chronic when they occur 15 days or more per month and for a period lasting longer than three consecutive months. This is when many need help to manage their symptoms.

They can be caused by a variety of issues but become chronic when they occur often and carry disabling levels of pain.

Chronic headaches are seen in patients suffering from traumatic brain injuries, infections, changes in the pressure of the brain, and inflammation. Patients experiencing this can find that they will have heads as often as once a day, and they can be completely debilitating.

Optimum Health Rehab Suwannee Team is Here to Help

Knowing when you should seek help for your headaches is the first step, but finding a medical team that is ready to tackle the root causes of your headaches is just as important. Many patients who have tried care before have not succeeded because they targeted their symptoms rather than the root cause of the problem.

Optimum Health and Rehab aim to tackle the root cause of your pain rather than just masking symptoms. We believe that through a proper treatment plan and coordination from both sides, we can reduce or eliminate your headaches altogether.

Our Approach to Treat Headaches

The approach to taking care of headaches is important before accepting a treatment plan. Once we identify what is causing the kind of headache you are dealing with, you can be assured that we will develop a treatment plan that is meant to help minimize episodes or reduce the severity of pain associated with your headache.

Our approach to treatment is often a combination of the following:

  • Physical rehabilitative therapy
  • Chiropractic care
  • Sketching and exercise
  • and lifestyle changes

At Optimum Health Rehab Suwanee, our goal is to make you feel better and find a way to reduce or eliminate what is causing your headaches altogether.

Applying Effective Chiropractic Treatment to Treat Headaches

Optimum Health Rehab’s chiropractors in Suwanee are ready to treat your headaches. Chiropractic techniques have proven to be effective in combating the symptoms of headaches, including their severity and how often they occur.

Our approach to treatment depends on the root cause of your pain, and our patients can expect a combination of different treatment options depending on their diagnosis and triggers:

Spinal Manipulation and Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic care has proven to be a successful method of treatment for headaches. The spinal cord serves to connect nerves all over the body and is responsible for sending communications from the brain to different parts, including those in the neck and head.

In many situations, chiropractic adjustment helps to relieve tension and improves blood flow to compressed areas, all movements of which help reduce or eliminate headaches.

Platelet-rich Plasma Injections, or PRP

The National Headache Institute notes that PRP may result in fewer headache episodes and less severe pain when headaches occur for some patients. People often associate PRP treatment with healing ligament or tendon injuries, but these shots are also excellent for those suffering from headaches.


Neurology is a medical practice concerned with the study and treatment of the human nervous system. It is not unheard of to find that headaches result from an issue with nerves in the body.

Our neurology team can help investigate any nerve issues that may be causing your headaches and see how they can be addressed through treatment.

Neurology treatments address compression and blockage, where nerves connect to the spinal cord and other parts of the body. In many cases, neurology treatments and spinal manipulation are commonly found in the same treatment plan to relieve headaches.

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Our Suwannee Team Is Ready to Help Your Headaches

Tackling headaches usually does not require much, but when they become chronic, an extra helping hand is necessary to treat the pain.

Chronic headaches can be debilitating and disrupt your everyday life. Treating headaches is not something you should be forced to deal with alone.

Talk to Optimum Health Rehab in Suwanee today about your chronic headaches and see how we can help by calling (678) 546-0550 or submitting our online form to schedule your first appointment. We are dedicated to managing your headache pains through our chiropractic and wellness services.

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