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People coping and working around their lower back pain is not unheard of. In fact, just about anyone can feel lower back pain at many different points in their lifetime.

Pain happens for many different reasons, whether it is due to poor posture or some kind of past injury, but no one should have to live in pain when there is something that they can do about it.

Lower back pain complaints are common and often interfere with a person’s ability to carry out daily tasks. It can lead to discomfort and inactivity (further exasperating the pain) and ultimately prevent one from completing daily tasks.

Optimum Health Rehab’s Suwanee team are experts in helping their clients reduce or minimize their lower back pain. Our goal is to get to the root of the problem rather than just masking symptoms, and we make this possible through a selection of different approaches tailored just for you.

Come see Optimum Health Rehab in Suwanee to help reduce or even completely eliminate the pain in your lower back. Call us at (678) 546-0550 or complete our online form to schedule your first appointment with us.

What Happens After a Lower Back Pain Treatment Session?

Each client will complete a uniquely designed session to help target their pain. After a session, it is not uncommon for you to feel soreness in the lumbar or surrounding areas.

These side effects will go away within the following days after your session.

After starting your program with us, you may soon begin to see an increased range of motion, more stamina, and better posture. For those clients receiving PRP injections in their program, the benefits may be felt almost immediately after their session.

Why Does My Lower Back Hurt?

Injuries can happen to anyone at any stage of their lives. Especially when it causes back pain, the impacts can be great to one’s daily life.

Clients usually see injuries due to herniated discs or general back injuries. These can happen from car accidents to take a hard fall.

However, back injuries are more frequent in completing daily tasks, like picking up a small child or lifting a heavy grocery haul into a car. It’s the small daily movements that tend to cause more back injuries the most.

Even worse, when there are herniated discs at play, they are not just bulging out of the spine but are pressing the nerves and causing serious pain to the lower back and other surrounding areas. Even if the herniated disc itself is painless, clients tend to feel it somewhere close by.

Clients who deal with lower back pain find themselves wincing when they are bending over, standing up, or even if they suddenly make a sharp movement. The location of lower back pain primarily results from an issue with the lumbar part of the spine.

Low back pain can stem from many issues, but the more common cases are those around injury, strain, and age. The pain typically has nothing to do with the spine itself but results from an issue with the surrounding tendons and ligaments supporting the spine.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Clients commonly find similar causes to their lower back pain, from injuries playing sports to more complex hereditary issues.

To make lower back pain a little more complex, it is not uncommon for clients to realize that their pain stems from a combination of different sources. Generally, even though your back pain might come from multiple causes, those causes also tend to be similar throughout different cases.

Lower Fitness Level

No matter one’s age, physical activity is helpful throughout one’s life to prevent injury and medical health issues. When someone is not physically fit, they run an increased chance of causing an injury or strain to their lower back.

This can be due to poor posture or weakened muscles unaccustomed to specific movements.

Overuse and Strain

While lack of activity can cause injury, extreme strenuous activity can cause lower back pain. Athletes commonly know their limits but must push themselves to improve their performance.

While pushing the limits can improve overall performance, doing so increases the chances of hurting oneself, whether that be because of poor form or a sudden sharp twist or movement that causes injury.

Lower back strains can be seen in weightlifting rooms or even soccer fields. Proper warm-up and strengthening exercises can help reduce the risk of lower back pain related to athletic training and sports.


Being overweight or obese places additional strain on your lower back and joints in the body.

The reason? A poor dietary lifestyle weakens the muscles that support your lower spine, like your core strength, leaving you vulnerable to injury and low back pain.

Diet and nutrition are critical to staying healthy and reducing the risk of weight gain. Sometimes, to help with inflammation, clients find that they should reduce certain kinds of foods from their diet or reduce their daily salt intake.

Age and Heredity

Both age and genetics play a huge role in determining what kinds of illnesses and bodily limits one has a higher propensity to have. After the age of 45, many people will find that they have newfound body aches, including lower back pain, amongst other medical issues.

Genetics plays a huge role in determining the chances of being injured or suffering from illnesses. Hereditary traits lead to higher chances of experiencing lower back pain when there is a family history of this condition.


Stress is known as a silent killer. It affects the human body in many ways, from hair loss to high cortisol levels; stress can also manifest in low back pain due to poor sleeping habits, depression, and anxiety.

Additionally, stress can not just cause low back pain, but in many cases, these tend to be more severe than in other non-stressed clients. Clients in stressful situations may find physical therapy sessions involving massages effective in treating their lower back pain.

Physical Demands in the Workplace

Whether standing and working in a warehouse or sitting in front of a computer for hours in a bad chair, the demands of the workplace can cause lower back pain. Employees who need to lift heavy weights are encouraged to seek help from a coworker when an item is too heavy to lift on their own and take proper precautions to ensure they are lifting items correctly.

The Weather

It might be odd to think about, but the weather and changes in the barometric pressure have serious impacts on our bodies, especially if it is not a geographical area we are used to. Unsurprisingly these changes also cause lower back pain as clients deal with changes in pressure. This is most commonly seen in clients who suffer from arthritis.

How Optimum Health Rehab Approaches Lower Back Pain

More and more clients choose chiropractic treatment rather than surgery or injections first because chiropractic care has proven to be an effective form of lower back pain treatment.

At Optimum Health Rehab Suwanee, clients can expect full diagnostics to determine the root cause of their back pain. Our goal is not to solely treat symptoms but to provide treatment to eliminate the source of pain with a series of chiropractic sessions.

Spinal adjustments can restore the natural alignment and functioning of the central nervous system. In many cases, these manipulations can provide lower back pain relief on their own, but they may be accompanied by other interventions.

The central nervous system in the human body controls almost every function needed to survive every day. Practicing proper posture is critical in reducing the risk of injury and pain and improving one’s health and quality of life.

Other Possible Forms of Care in Your Personalized Plan

Optimum Health Rehab uses tools to help determine the severity of your lower back pain from acute to chronic. The clients who have been coping with chronic pain have experienced lower back pain for longer than 12 weeks with an everyday occurrence.

Lower back pain clients can find that their treatment plan incorporates a couple of different techniques to reduce and potentially eliminate their pain altogether. Often client plans include chiropractic treatments and:

  • Pain injections
  • Physical therapy
  • Massage
  • Medical devices
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Nutrition and lifestyle changes

Expect Quality Chiropractic Treatment

At Optimum Health Rehab Suwanee, clients can expect a personalized treatment plan designed with them in mind. All lower back pain treatment plans begin by running diagnostics to determine the root cause of your pain.

Whether from age, poor posture, or injury, our expert team is ready to design a plan with a combination of treatments that will help.

Imaging like CT Scans, MRIs, or X-rays are key to revealing underlying issues in the human body. These will be determined by our team and the level of severity of your pain.

Based on these results, your managing provider will recommend a treatment plan based on the results and analysis.

We will discuss different approaches with our clients, from strength-building and expanding mobility ranges, and analysis of their lifestyles. All of these impact our overall health and how we acquire low back pain.

Optimum Health Rehab likes to work with its clients to determine the root cause of their pain. We will ask for your input and answer any questions during the initial visit and in your chiropractic sessions.

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Dealing With Lower Back Pain? Let Us Help You

Lower back pain can have a significant impact on someone’s life. From being able to put away groceries to lifting a heavy box, with pain like that, it is not surprising that simple daily tasks become very difficult to complete.

Don’t let lower back pain limit you from doing basic tasks. Come see us today, and we will show you how we can help. Call (678) 546-0550 or complete our online form to get started.

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