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Author: Optimum Health

Healthy BrainTo have a healthy brain, it requires certain nutrients to keep it healthy. We’ve all heard the saying, with age comes wisdom. But aging doesn’t only increase wisdom, it also declines memory. As we grow older, we might start noticing we forget where we’ve placed certain items like our keys or phone. Brain aging is normal; it ages along with our physical appearance. But you can minimize brain aging.

Here are the best ways to minimize brain aging cognition decline

  1. Be physically active – Exercising benefits not only your physical health but also your brain health.
  2. Keep socially and intellectually active – Memory games, puzzles and other leisure activities involved with strategies or needed with the help of the brain are definitely recommended. One must be able to people around him or her as well, it helps stimulate the brain.
  3. Proper nutrition – Eat real food and avoid processed convenience foods.
  4. Get enough sleep – The brain gets tired and weary, killing brain cells and thus accelerating cognitive aging. Sleep is how we refresh and rejuvenate.

Have a Healthy Brain, Healthy Mind!

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