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Author: Optimum Health

What’s the harm in having too little of one vitamin?! The issues could potentially be lengthy. Your body uses B12 injections to make nerves, DNA, red blood cells, and to carry out any necessary functions. Like many other vitamins, B12 cannot be made within our body; it has to be absorbed from our food or from supplementation. For many, issues often begin with a poor diet or inability to properly absorb what they’re taking in.

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As a result, it is common to see B12 deficiency in older individuals, those on medications, and with illness. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that up to 20% of adults may have a borderline deficiency. Often times in practice, we see this estimate to be much higher.

What Are Symptoms of Low Levels?

  • confusion, poor memory
  • fatigue, weakness
  • constipation
  • nerve problems (numbness, tingling in hands & feet)
  • balance issues
  • sore mouth or tongue
  • depression

What Are Potential Benefits of B12 Injections?

  • Healthier immune system – important as we approach cold & flu season.
  • More energy and stamina for everyday tasks
  • Improvement in anemia if secondary to low levels of vitamin B12
  • Weight loss – if the B12 injections contain lipotropics (M.I.C.), and in conjunction with a diet plan that involves eating specific proteins, vegetables, and fruits while adhering to a 1200-1500 calorie per day diet, weight loss may be improved. It usually takes at least 30 days to notice weight loss. (If you are allergic to Sulfur do not receive B12 with Fat Burner- the regular B12 injection does not contain Sulfur)

At Optimum Health Rehab, we are able to check your B12 levels, determine a proper treatment plan, and help you become a healthier YOU!

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