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hormonal imbalance book

The Truth About Hormones and How They Can Become Imbalanced

Hormonal imbalances can affect men and women at most stages of their life. The endocrine system functions in children just like it does in adults, and this system of nine glands can become imbalanced at any age. (more…)

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man getting subluxation worked on

What Are Subluxations and How Do You Get Them?

Subluxation refers to a vertebra or joint slipping out of its proper position. They’re essentially partial dislocations or misalignments, and they can affect nearly any joint or vertebrae. (more…)

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bowl of fruit for nutritional therapy

What Is the Purpose of Nutritional Therapy?

The purpose of nutritional therapy is to bring about positive health changes through a modified diet. Patients often work with a nutritional therapist after being diagnosed with a chronic condition that can be managed or treated with lifestyle and dietary changes. We also help nutritional therapy patients who have recently learned that diet has a significant impact on psychological challenges like depression or degenerative joint conditions like arthritis. (more…)

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food sensitivity testing blood tube

What Is Food Sensitivity Testing and How Effective Is It?

There are a lot of at-home food sensitivity tests on the market, but their efficacy varies, and results can be compromised by user error. Even if your at-home test suggests you have a food sensitivity, you should still visit a healthcare provider to confirm the results. (more…)

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Orthopedist vs Physiatrist

What Is the Difference Between a Physiatrist and an Orthopedist?

People who’ve sustained trauma to the musculoskeletal system (bones, muscles or joints) or suffer from chronic musculoskeletal conditions are often referred to specialized physicians to help them with their injury. Among these medical professionals are physiatrists and orthopedists who are both trained to help patients with musculoskeletal injuries. These two physicians, along with physical therapists and chiropractors, are who people most often see when their bones, muscles or joints need treatment. The key difference between physiatrists and orthopedists is that the latter can perform surgery, while the former cannot. Patients with musculoskeletal problems typically start off by trying non-invasive treatments…

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At home Yoga

At-Home Yoga and Stretching That Can Relieve Body Pains

Hatha Yoga, which most Americans simply refers to as “yoga,” was initially designed to unify the mind, body and spirit through the use of various yoga postures, breathing, body gestures and internal cleansing. The spiritual aspects of Yoga are entirely optional. Most people in Georgia who practice yoga do so solely for its health benefits. Some people may feel intimidated at the thought of yoga, but you don’t have to be especially agile or flexible to practice yoga. Just about anyone, regardless of their age, weight or level of physical fitness, can use at least some yoga poses to improve…

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Food Allergies

Food Allergies: Knowing the Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Food allergies are serious and sometimes life-threatening medical conditions that affect 32 million Americans. Some allergens, like milk or wheat, are more common than others. The list of potential food allergens is long and unique to each person. Optimum Health Rehab offers a number of food allergy and food sensitivity services and would be happy to help you identify your food intolerances. What Is a Food Allergy? A food allergy is caused by an abnormal response of your immune system to an allergen in the food you eat. Your immune system falsely identifies the allergen as a threat and defends…

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Causes of headaches and remedies for relief

Activities That Trigger Headaches and How to Relieve Headaches Naturally

Even the heathiest people suffer from occasional headaches. Your frequent headaches might not be caused by an underlying health problem; they could be sparked by seemingly ordinary activities you engage in daily. Modifying your routine and avoiding your headache triggers may be one of the best ways to alleviate your pain without having to take strong medications. Headache Trigger #1: Weather The weather can be a significant trigger for headache sufferers. Headaches can be triggered by several types of weather, including fluctuations in barometric pressure, temperature and humidity as well as high winds, storms and dry and dusty environments. Remedy…

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Recovery and Rehab After a Total Knee Replacement

Rehab and Steps After a Knee Replacement Surgery

It is of vital to follow your doctor’s recommendations after you’ve undergone a knee replacement surgery – or any type of joint replacement surgery. Some patients may receive different types of instructions based on their overall health. However, there are some general rehab steps frequently recommended after undergoing a knee replacement surgery. Most patients can expect to need about three months to return to any kind of high-impact activities, but every person is different. You should work closely with your rehab specialist to determine your optimal rehab timetable. First Days of Your Recovery At the very beginning of your recovery,…

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