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Author: Collin Land

The best treatment for your low back pain depends on the source of your back pain. Some patients benefit from chiropractic adjustments or electrical stimulation therapy while others might find relief from pain management injections and physical rehabilitation.

Optimum Health Rehab’s diverse array of pain management tools, as well as our comprehensive diagnostic capabilities, set us apart from other chiropractic clinics in Georgia. While we do employ some of the most skilled and highly experienced low back chiropractors in the state, we also offer an array of other physical rehabilitation and wellness services. Those additional capabilities enable us to provide more rounded treatment plans that better manage each patient’s lower back pain and treat the underlying cause.

Spinal Manipulations and Manual Manipulations for Low Back Pain

The majority of low back pain chiropractic adjustments take the form of spinal manipulations, manual manipulations and mobilizations. Manipulations are usually high-velocity adjustments administered with a short lever arm thrust. In the case of low back pain treatments these manipulations are most often applied to the abdominal vertebrae. The goal of manipulations is to improve your range of pain-free motion and mitigate nerve irritability in the lower back.

Mobilizations are low-velocity manipulations that involve stretching muscles and joints. Mobilizations are frequently administered to improve a patient’s range of motion.

Is Low Back Pain That Big of a Problem?

Estimates suggest about 31 million Americans – nearly 10 percent of the population – are experiencing low back pain at any given time. Lower back pain is one of those conditions that’s so prevalent among the adult population that it actually has a measurable impact on our economy and health care system.

Estimates suggest the nation loses about 264 million workdays to low back pain every year, or about two days for every worker. The cost of low back pain health care is an estimated $50 billion. The total cost in health care plus lost wages and reduced productivity may be as high as $100 billion a year.

Surgery and Invasive Therapies Aren’t Always the Answer

Not everyone’s low back pain is chronic. Some people may only have low back pain for a few weeks each year or only experience symptoms after doing certain activities. Others are living with low back pain all the time and are struggling to find ways to remain productive despite their pain.

The aggressiveness of your symptoms will likely play a role in the low back pain management strategy recommended by your chiropractor in Georgia. What is universally true for nearly every low back pain sufferer is the desire to exhaust non-invasive pain management strategies before resorting to surgery.

Spine surgeries of any kind are accompanied by serious risks. Not only could something go wrong, leaving you with permanent limited mobility, you could also suffer complications or a post-operative infection.

Surgeries of any type, especially joint surgeries, spine surgeries or other invasive musculoskeletal surgeries, frequently entail long and arduous recovery periods. You might need to go through months or years of limited mobility and physical therapy just to regain a portion of your pre-injury strength or range of motion.

Chiropractic adjustments and the non-invasive treatments offered at our pain management clinics in Georgia help people find relief and overcome their pain.

Wellness Is a Frequently Overlooked Contributor to Back Pain Management

Back pain frequently has several causes. For many people their back pain has to do with their job or lifestyle, but the pain might also be exacerbated by their weight and posture.

Wellness services from the specialists at Optimum Health Rehab might end up being an important part of your low back pain management plan. If your weight, diet, exercise regime or lifestyle is in part contributing to your chronic or acute back pain, our wellness specialists can help you overcome those challenges.

In addition to providing adjustments, a chiropractor familiar with physical rehabilitation can also provide a lot of advice on preventing or minimizing your risk for back pain flareups. They can help you improve your posture, advise on stretches and exercises that can help you avoid aggravating your back pain and even provide guidance on sleep habits (mattress choices, sleep position, etc.).

When wellness is combined with other non-invasive pain management strategies like chiropractic adjustments or electrical stimulation, many patients are able to put their low back pain in the rearview.

Get Low Back Chiropractic Care in Georgia

An Optimum Health Rehab Doctor of Chiropractic can provide some of the best adjustments in Georgia, but that’s not all our chiropractic clinics provide.

We also employ some of the most talented massage therapists, wellness experts and physical rehabilitation specialists in the state. Our team can prescribe a rounded, holistic approach to low back pain management that can help you defeat your low back pain.

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