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positive thinking

Positive Thinking = Power

We’ve all heard that psychological factors such as positive thinking may significantly affect the results of treatment for an illness. Consider stories of ‘miracle cures’ by terminal cancer patients who kept their spirits up and were persistent with that ‘never give up’ attitude throughout treatment. A study in the journal Spine suggested that pessimistic thinkers may have trouble recovering from low back pain. The authors looked at the relationship between patient expectations of treatment benefits and outcomes. One hundred thirty-five patients with chronic LBP were divided into either a massage or an acupuncture treatment group. Prior to the study, patients rated how…

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Woman Sleeping

5 Natural Ways to Sleep Better at Night

Catch Better Zzzzzz's If counting sheep is getting old, you’re among a great majority who have difficulty sleeping – falling, staying, or getting restful sleep. You may not be able to fall back asleep if you wake up, you may feel you need coffee all day or need to nap by noon. There are natural ways to sleep better at night! Most of us need about 7-8 hours of good shut-eye for optimum daily functioning. Most of us need about 7-8 hours of good shut-eye for optimum daily functioning. After all, when it is terrible, so is everything else! As…

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Pain Relief Pills

Pain Relief Without Medications

Whether suffering from acute or chronic pain, we can all agree that it can be MISERABLE! Often times we find ourselves on a much larger regimen of pain relievers than we’d like to take. We may take a small dose, realize that dose isn’t working, and continue to take more. Our goal is to help you get to the root of the problem get some pain relief and remove the ‘band-aid’ approach! While some medications may be the best temporary option, long-term consumption can cause chronic issues and lead to more serious health problems. Common conditions seen may include leaky…

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Circadian Release of Cortisol

Reduce Your Chronic Stress – Portrait of a Serial Killer

In today’s modern world, CHRONIC stress keeps us wallowing in a corrosive bath of hormones. Although stress is a natural response to acute danger, fight, or flight, chronic stress means we’re unable to turn that response off. After a while, the stress response is MORE damaging than the ACTUAL stressor. Sometimes, we don’t even realize we’ve triggered the stress response but that’s exactly what happens when we worry. What Happens to Our Bodies When We’re Stressed? Cell repair and regeneration shuts down – after all, your body perceives you’re in danger and its goal is to enable you to fight or flight All unnecessary systems…

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