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Author: Collin Land

Your first visit to our weight loss clinic in Georgia should consist primarily of an honest discussion about your lifestyle and health. What and how much you eat, and your level of physical activity, are all important lifestyle factors that should be examined, but they’re not the only things that matter when it comes to weight loss.

At Optimum Health Rehab, we believe in taking a holistic approach to our patients’ health. Our team’s decades of combined experience in total body wellness have taught us many lessons. As a clinic that combines chiropractic care, weight loss and non-invasive solutions to wellness issues, we possess a unique understanding of the interconnected nature of the human body.

We meet many weight loss patients who are surprised and relieved to learn their lifestyle and eating habits have little to do with their obesity or weight gain. Gut microbiome problems, thyroid imbalances, inflammation, insomnia, food intolerances and even stress are all potential factors that could be playing a role in your weight gain. Correcting imbalances through natural or non-invasive means may turn out to be a vital part of your weight loss journey.

Accurately identifying your body’s imbalances and developing an effective management plan to restore stability is often foundational to reaching your weight loss goals. That’s why your first visit to a weight loss clinic is so vital. Your weight loss specialist will ask a lot of questions, some of which may seem invasive, awkward and uncomfortable.

The purpose of many of these questions will be to identify potential symptoms of conditions that might be contributing to your weight loss difficulties. Once symptoms have been identified we can perform panels and diagnostics to confirm the existence of underlying problems that might be standing in the way of your weight loss.

Many patients are surprised to discover seemingly unrelated symptoms are actually pointing to the same problem, or that pain and discomfort in one part of the body could be directly linked to problems in another part of the body. It often takes an expert in whole body health to put together the pieces of the puzzle that is your wellness.

Developing the Right Weight Loss Program for You

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss and lifestyle changes. A sustainable strategy for one patient might be agony for another. One of the primary goals of weight loss programs at Optimum Health Rehab is to help patients find a lifestyle balance that is more than just tolerable. You’re much more likely to attain long-term wellness if you find fulfillment and enjoyment in healthier choices.

Every weight loss plan requires sacrifice, but in many cases our patients discover healthier alternatives to their favorite foods. We also believe there’s a healthy level of physical activity that appeals to every patient, it’s often just a matter of discovering what types of exercise you enjoy.

Those discoveries often come in subsequent appointments. During your initial visit you’ll likely be deciding which Optimum Health Rehab weight loss program is best for you. Your weight loss plan might include:

  • hCG weight loss and diet program
  • Monitoring by trained health care professionals
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Weekly B12 injections
  • Lipotropic injections
  • Pharmaceutical-grade or natural supplements
  • An ongoing support plan

We also get many weight loss patients who aren’t necessarily in dire need of significant weight loss but are interested in getting back to their target weight. Those patients frequently utilize our 14-day or 21-day detoxification programs.

The overall approach to care in our detox programs isn’t dissimilar from our other weight loss programs. You’ll still talk with your weight loss coach about any new health struggles you’re experiencing and undergo panels and diagnostics to pinpoint any factors that could be contributing to recent weight gain. We’ll then develop a weight loss plan that might include things like:

  • Treatment regimens for eliminating toxins to reduce inflammation
  • Daily shakes
  • Anti-inflammatories
  • Supplements
  • Antioxidants
  • A customized plan from our weight loss and nutritional experts

Some patients who utilize our 14-day detoxification program also benefit from our lean body program. This unique addition to the detox program includes special nutritional and lifestyle coaching to help you tackle difficult cravings that prevent you from reaching your weight loss goals. If you’ve reached a plateau with your weight loss or have been struggling lately with food and health choices, the lean body program may be a good fit for you.

Find a Weight Loss Program That Works for You

Optimum Health Rehab is not the only weight loss clinic serving patients in Georgia, but our whole-body health approach and the expertise of our experienced and medically trained staff set our programs apart.

We don’t just give you a diet and send you on your way. Your coach won’t try to sell you prepackaged meals or weight loss gimmicks. What you can expect to find at your initial visit is a partner who will be with you for every step of your journey to a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

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