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Neck pain, or cervicalgia, is any pain forming around or spreading away from the spine just below your head. This pain is most commonly muscle or nerve related and requires unique treatment based on specific pain points. Your neck, made up of your cervical spine along with a host of muscles and tendons, can ache or exhibit other painful symptoms for many reasons.

Managing neck pain can leave you feeling exhausted and unable to continue with many everyday tasks. Looking for a practical solution can feel just as exhausting if you don’t have any help available. There are many treatment options available for neck pain, but finding the right one could be overwhelming when going at it alone. On the other hand, the inhibiting symptoms of neck pain are often treatable fast with the right professional, attentive care catering to your body’s needs.

If you are looking for a comprehensive solution to your symptoms, the licensed chiropractors, physical therapists, and pain treatment experts at Optimum Health Rehab in Buford are skilled and experienced in relieving many types of neck pain. Take control of your health with the resources available from our local team of professionals. To speak with a trusted member of our team, contact us online or call (678) 714-3058.

Get Effective Neck Pain Treatment Tailored to You

Most chronic neck pain treatments have the main objective of improving mobility and function in your neck and spine, but the right treatment depends on the patient. With a variety of treatment options available, every patient is looking for the best combination of what is most comfortable and what their body responds best to.

Most commonly, you might be offered a plethora of pills or steroid injections, but many patients are uncomfortable with this approach and should be given the chance to explore other options.

Your cervical spine is made up of bones supported by rubbery discs acting as cushions in between. As your bones protect the nerves that run your central nervous system, when one is slightly out of alignment, it can cause extreme pain signals to be sent from the nerves in tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

Physical therapy is among the most common treatment options available for neck pain that actively targets the root of the problem and aids the body in reversing it. By stretching the right tendons and muscles while developing strength and range of motion in your neck and upper back, you can reduce factors that lead to tension, constriction of blood flow, or impedance of proper spinal and nervous system functioning.

When you work with a chiropractic specialist from Optimum Health Rehab, they can help make relieving manual adjustments to the cervical spine. Your chiropractor may also introduce you to massage therapy and electrical pulsing techniques to release some tension in your neck. You may also be encouraged to try certain stretches and targeted exercises that can strengthen the state of your neck muscles and may halt the progression of cervicalgia.

Buford Neck and Back Pain Specialist Recommendations for Preventing Pain

Many of us take our good health for granted. Eventually, forgetting to check in with our bodies’ needs will have serious consequences.

A lot of the most common causes of neck pain are caused by consistent and repetitive habits revolving around neck and spinal care. There are a few practices that most people should implement into their daily lives to prevent neck pain from arising.

Practicing Good Posture

Standing and sitting up straight can have more of a long-term impact than many people realize. Avoid slouching and hovering when you sit, and try not to lean your shoulders forward too much while standing.

Stay Active Throughout the Day

In order to avoid stiffening up the muscles in your body, remaining active is a crucial step. You can prevent tenseness in your muscles simply by engaging in light cardio or stretching. However you prefer to stay active will suffice.

Avoid Heavy Weight on Shoulders

Neck pain can start as early as school years, especially with children who must carry heavy backpacks. Many young adults find themselves developing strange aches and pains that they didn’t notice as adolescents. Backpacks, heavy purses, and other weighted objects can strain the muscles in your shoulders, making it more difficult to achieve a full and comfortable range of motion.

Find the Right Sleeping Position

When we sleep, we spend many hours snuggled up in the same position that may feel comfortable but actually be causing cumulative strain or misalignment. Unfortunately for side sleepers, either side is equally damaging to the neck, shoulders, and spine. Sleeping on your back isn’t necessarily enough though, as keeping your neck properly supported is also essential. Through adjustments, exercise, and the right sleeping situation, your posture can improve even while at rest.

Stretch Upper Back Muscles Daily

After long periods of forcing your body into a stiff position, like during sleep or work, try stretching to relieve any lasting tension. Turning stretching into a habit can be a productive technique in minimizing neck pain or preventing it from showing itself altogether.

Chronic Pain Treatments You Can Do at Home

Even with the help of a skilled professional, small at-home changes can rapidly increase the rate of relief when approaching neck pain. While these treatments are not usually enough to treat the pain, they supplement visits to your chiropractor or physician by giving you a chance to encourage your body’s progress every day. 

Your chiropractor may help you understand which at-home treatments may be most successful at targeting your most severe pain areas, but some of the most common at-home neck pain relievers are: 

  • Hot and cold compresses: Many people find temporary relief in hot and cold therapy. To relax and release tension in your muscles, a hot shower or heating pad might just do the trick. Others prefer cold compresses or ice baths to prevent spasms and loss of muscle control. To better understand how to target your unique pain, talk with your chiropractor. 
  • Stress reduction techniques: It isn’t uncommon to experience physical symptoms from mental stress, and focusing on stress management could also have a positive effect on your body. A lot of people carry tension in their necks and shoulders from the stress of their daily lives. Practicing reduction techniques like yoga or meditation can be productive at reversing neck pain, too. 
  • Quit smoking: Smoking rapidly decreases your ability to quickly and efficiently heal yourself. It also damages bone structure, which, as previously mentioned, is detrimental to nerve centers within the CNS (central nervous system).

How Does Neck Pain Begin?

Pain in the cervical spine looks different for everyone. Neck pain can be caused by a wide list of factors, and it can develop in many different ways. Whether you are experiencing axial neck pain (located specifically in the neck) or radicular neck pain (travels to other areas like shoulders or arms), the most productive way to tackle these symptoms is to assess the cause of the issue. 

A chiropractor can help you map out the pain in your neck, using their own professional experience to paint a better picture of exactly what approach might be most productive. 

Working with a professional can help you gain a more personalized understanding of your body’s pain, but some of the most common causes of cervicalgia include: 

  • Injury: Neck injuries are extremely common. In car accidents alone, there are an estimated 800,000 neck-related injuries every year. Your neck is a powerful tool that protects and supports some of the human body’s most essential body parts, like the head, brain stem, spinal cord, and nervous system. Because of this, injuries in this area can be extremely impactful.   
  • Weakened joints: As we age, the strength of our joints decreases. There are degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis or spinal stenosis that can spur painful sensations in the neck. These conditions account for the wear and tear of the cartilage in your neck and the narrowing of spaces between your spine. 
  • Muscle strain: Repeated motions or strenuous activities can severely impact the range of motion in your neck, leading to aches and stiffness. Over-exerting yourself can create problems on its own. With irregular activities, your muscles are even less prepared, potentially causing acute strain and discomfort through sudden overuse. 
  • Poor posture: Consistent bad posture can be a gradual but certain way to end up with a stiff and uncomfortable neck. Sitting and leaning over a computer, frequent bending, and sleeping in an awkward position are all examples of how poor posture can develop over time. In many situations, poor posture results in large part from a lack of movement while failing to keep the body stretched and strengthened. Keeping your neck positioned in the same way without stretching for a prolonged period of time will eventually lead to a limited range of motion and progressively worse posture, creating a vicious cycle.   
  • Health conditions: Neck pain is an extremely common issue, and serious health problems are less common than many of the other causes listed. However, cervicalgia is a symptom of health conditions including meningitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and specific types of cancer. The best way to rule out alarming health concerns is to speak with your doctor.

Find Relief From Neck Pain Today

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