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Sciatica Pain Treatment in Buford

Many people experience sciatica pain in Buford. Unfortunately, many sciatica sufferers either don’t realize their pain is related to the sciatic nerve or they’re having difficult finding a nearby pain doctor or chiropractic clinic experienced in managing sciatica.

Most patients with sciatica don’t really want to go the invasive surgical route, so they’re willing to exhaust their alternative pain management options. If you’re suffering from sciatica, you should be careful with the doctors you trust and the pain management strategies you pursue.

Our good reputation is important to the chiropractic and pain management team at Optimum Health Rehab. That’s why we’re committed to giving you an honest assessment of your options and how effective they may or may not be for your sciatica.

What Is Sciatica Pain Therapy?

Many people recover from sciatica pain by using a combination of rest, over-the-counter medications, and non-invasive pain management strategies.

These non-surgical sciatica treatments might include physical therapy, stretches, special exercises recommended by your chiropractor or physical medicine doctor, hot and cold therapy, and rest. These are all non-invasive sciatica pain management solutions that can be done with a combination of DIY at-home care and visits to an Optimum Health Rehab office in Georgia.

Chiropractors can use active relief techniques to alleviate sciatica pain. The chiropractor will use their hand to find tightness or trigger points in the piriformis and gluteus muscles and then applying pressure. Many patients experience significant sciatica relief after those types of adjustments, and some may only require a few of these soft-tissue treatments before their sciatica subsides.

If those physical therapy, over-the-counter medications, and chiropractic adjustments aren’t adequate, your Optimum Health Rehab doctor can still prescribe pain management injections.

What to Keep in Mind When Looking for Sciatica Pain Management

Not every chiropractor is familiar with the best sciatica pain management strategies or is equipped to offer more than just chiropractic adjustments. Optimum Health Rehab has experience managing sciatica pain with a diverse array of potential pain management options.

If you want a more comprehensive approach to your pain relief, you should seek out a clinic that offers wide-ranging treatment options. We offer chiropractic care, pain management injection, physical medicine, and massage therapy.

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Get Effective Sciatica Pain Management Solutions

Optimum Health Rehab in Buford employs medical experts, chiropractors, physicians assistants, and highly trained nurses with extensive experience in injury recovery and pain management. We have the diagnostic tools and know-how to diagnose your sciatica pain and develop pain management and rehabilitation solutions to help you beat it.

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