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Personal Injury Treatment in Buford

When you have been injured in a car accident, slip and fall, workplace injury, catastrophic accident, or medical malpractice incident, getting onto the road to recovery can be tough. Let us help you along by giving you access to comprehensive injury treatment and rehabilitation services at Optimum Health Rehab. Our personal injury treatment center in Buford is highly experienced in helping our patients recover. You will be helped along your healing journey every step of the way by our professional doctors, nursing staff, chiropractors, physical therapists, and pain management teams.

Getting hurt in an accident can seem like your life has been turned upside down, and imagining how you will get back to where you left off can be difficult. Rest assured that your healing journey starts with a series of small steps, and one of the first is to call our team. You will be put in touch with the physicians and therapists who are best equipped to help you heal and to document your medical diagnosis as medical evidence for your potential injury claim.

Remember that you are never alone on your healing journey. We offer you a lift and help you win back your independence, enabling you to live a life unencumbered by pain and with as much mobility as medically possible. Take your first step when you call us to make your appointment today. Schedule your initial appointment and consultation when you call (678) 714-3053 or contact us online.

Your Journey Out of Personal Injury Starts Here

A personal injury happens when a negligent party fails to uphold their duty of care, leading to an accident that causes a significant medical condition. In many cases, the injury victim can hold the negligent party accountable by filing a liability claim. A successful personal injury settlement or court award restores the victim’s financial losses stemming from the injury, potentially including the medical treatments they need now and those they will need in the future.

Optimum Health Rehab works alongside you to help you heal and to help you recover your medical costs from liable parties. Like many others in the medical and legal communities, we believe you shouldn’t have to foot the bill for treating an injury that was not your fault. We work closely with attorneys to help you build a strong case, and we can even recommend qualified personal injury lawyers in your area if you haven’t begun to file your claim.

Get the Medical Interventions You Need to Bring Your Life Back on Track

Lives can get majorly disrupted by a personal injury incident. On top of any initial trauma treatment and surgery, injury victims have to then grapple with challenges related to chronic pain, atrophy, and irregular healing of the nervous system.

Statistics from Australia show that the average car accident victim, for example, will return to work after a period of eight weeks or less, but 30% remain unable to return to normal life within this time span. They may have extended healing time from surgery and injury, or they may be grappling with challenges related to chronic pain, muscle atrophy, and immobility.

Many personal injury survivors will face long-term issues that the average primary care physician will have difficulty addressing. These patients will need to refer to a specialist skilled in the care of patients recovering from major injuries and surgery.

Specialists like chiropractors, neurologists, physical therapists, and pain management clinical staff can provide invaluable services in these challenging patient cases. By using the optimal combination of therapies within a personalized care plan, our skilled medical team can help you improve your prognosis, reduce your time spent recuperating, and restore as much functionality as possible. From chiropractic adjustments to physical rehabilitation, you will have every service at your disposal to help you hasten along your healing journey.

Buford Medical Services for Personal Injury Victims

Come to Optimum Health Rehab to receive comprehensive diagnostic testing and imaging followed by diagnosis and implementation of a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs and health goals.

When you engage with our patient-centered staff, you can expect to coordinate care across any of the following services:

Obtain Medical Documentation for Use in Personal Injury Claims

In order for a personal injury claim against a negligent party to succeed, one element the injured party must prove is that they are hurt in the first place. Insurers and defense attorneys are notorious for denying claims by alleging that the injury victim is not hurt or that their medical condition is better than they claim.

Optimum Health Rehab helps you establish the truth and prove that you are hurt. From our imaging and diagnostics capabilities to the expert documentation provided by our personal injury care teams, we give your case everything you need to improve its chances of success.

We help you establish:

  • How you suffered the injury
  • The extent of your injuries
  • What a medical professional experienced in personal injury treatment recommends in terms of the care you’ll require to get back to full health
  • How long it will take you to make a full recovery, especially in terms of how long your injuries may interfere with your job or lifestyle

From the moment our personal injury patients walk in the door, we seek to accommodate them by making their healing journey as smooth as possible. We help you bill insurance, document all reasonable and necessary expenses, and avoid paying out-of-pocket for your needed care using every available resource. Trust us when we say we want you to recover, and we don’t think you should have to suffer financially in order to do so!

Coordinate Your Care to Address Difficult-to-Treat Injuries

Many injuries related to car accidents, slip and falls, and other personal injury cases can be especially difficult for the average medical team to treat. When you come to Optimum Health Rehab in Buford, you can expect that we will leverage all of years of experience in treating patients like you in order to bring you the best care possible. We make it our primary goal to help you reach the best patient outcome possible.

One of the keys to our success is to give patients access to injury recovery, pain treatment, and nerve treatment experts across multiple medical disciplines — all under one roof! When you can get to the root of your underlying pain and nerve dysfunction, you can then set out to address it from the inside out with a comprehensive care routine personally crafted by our medical experts.

Buford Chiropractor Treatments for Personal Injury

A chiropractor is equipped to fully analyze the health of the musculoskeletal system and develop a care routine capable of addressing any dysfunction or anomaly. In addition to providing alignment restoration through gentle, hands-on adjustments, chiropractors can help patients restore the functioning of their nerve pathways through a variety of available therapies. If your goal is to avoid surgery and minimize the use of medical interventions like NSAIDs and opioids, then a chiropractor can help!

In addition to adjustments, our chiropractors in Buford can provide:

  • Electrical muscle stimulation (ESTIM)
  • Heat and cold therapy
  • Durable medical equipment for injuries
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)
  • Primary prevention (PP)
  • LSO back braces for herniated discs
  • And more

Buford Neurology Center

We employ a team of expert neurologists across our North Georgia locations in order to comprehensively understand and then address your nerve challenges. Many personal injury victims suffer from whiplash, herniated discs, major trauma, and other medical issues that tend to lead to nerve issues down the road.

Visit our neurologists in Buford to obtain all of the needed diagnostics to visualize the current health of your nervous system along with a tailored plan designed to help you minimize pain and other adverse side effects while restoring function and strength.

Buford Personal Injury Physical Rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation is one of the most important aspects of injury treatment, especially for patients who have suffered a traumatic brain injury or who have undergone major surgery. The body often has trouble fully healing and regaining functionality following a major personal injury, but physical therapy guides it along this journey with exercises that strengthen and restore functionality.

Our team of physical rehabilitation experts will provide you with supervised exercises along with personalized routines for use in the home in order to give your body what it needs to get strong again. From issues with balance and movement to challenges related to pain or neuropathy, oftentimes, physical therapy can give patients the boost they need to kickstart their body’s healing process and become even stronger than before.

Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine

Pain is a natural part of the healing process, but it shouldn’t have to prevent you from living a normal life. If you are struggling with chronic pain or issues with joint healing, we can help. We provide pain injections for relief that lasts days or weeks. Regenerative medicine techniques, such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, can help hasten healing, reduce pain, and improve patient outcomes.

Come to Us to Begin Healing and Improve Your Health Outcomes

Being involved in a personal injury accident can be scary, and worrying about your health can then become a significant source of dread. Let us help you take the weight off of your shoulders by helping you not only heal but also to hold all negligent parties accountable for your medical treatment costs.

If you are ready to start feeling better and you are looking for an ally in getting your life back towards normal, know that we are here for you. Reach out to an experienced team of medical experts ready to help when you call  (678) 714-3053 or contact us online.


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