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Marietta residents may experience the benefits of a physical rehabilitation program close to home. Whether you were injured while playing your favorite sport, hurt during a car wreck, are recovering from surgery, or just dealing with increasing aches and pains, physical rehabilitation is here to help you recover more efficiently.

The goal of Optimum Health Rehab Marietta remains constant: to make a custom program that puts your healing on the right path. Call our Marietta office at (678) 335-4865 or reach us online to schedule your initial appointment.

Our expert staff is ready to make a recovery plan that works for you.

Marietta Physical Rehabilitation Services Are For You

Healing correctly from an injury does not happen overnight. Patients require time filled with rest, support, and, most times, exercises to promote proper recovery.

For many, physical rehabilitation is a critical part of their overall healing process, ensuring that function and strength are fully restored while reducing the risk of future re-injury.

The goal of seeking physical rehabilitation is to regain body function that was lost because of an injury or medical condition. With the help of experienced and professional staff, you will go through the movements that promote strengthening weakened areas, stretches to improve range of motion, massages to increase blood flow, and more.

Each patient experiences a custom program tailored to their unique pain. By using a combination of treatments that include physical therapy, chiropractic sessions, massages, and other techniques, patients work toward tackling pain from the source.

Who Needs Physio Therapy?

Doctors will make recommendations on whether you will need physio therapy. Typically, patients who require it have undergone surgery or are recovering from a major injury that takes a long time to heal.

In addition, plenty of other medical conditions impact one’s ability to move or cause excruciating pain. Patients suffering from medical events like a stroke, spinal injury, chronic pain, osteoarthritis, and more benefit from seeing a physical rehab center.

With the help of physical rehabilitation programs, the body will promote proper healing after strengthening and improving the range of motion of the problem area.

Patients who may benefit most from physical rehabilitation include those who are or were:

  • Injured in a car crash
  • Healing from a broken bone
  • Suffering from a sports-related injury, like a concussion
  • Recently in surgery
  • Suffering from chronic pain
  • Suffering from a medical condition that limits movement and strength

At Optimum Health Rehab, you can expect a custom program with therapy sessions, exercises, and lifestyle suggestions that will work towards the body’s natural healing process.


A stroke is the fifth leading cause of disability in the US; they appear to happen quickly and typically offer little to no warning. Although a stroke is more commonly seen affecting older adults, it can affect people of all ages.

When a patient suffers a stroke, it occurs when a clot is formed and is carried through the bloodstream until it creates a block in a blood vessel or artery, preventing the brain from receiving oxygen. As a result, people who have a stroke often lose their ability to control their muscles and limbs in half their body, including half of their facial expressions.

The road to recovery for stroke victims is long and comes with its own unique challenges. Though it may not be possible to recover movement from a stroke completely, it is possible to learn to manage symptoms and regain partial mobility with hard work and consistency through a customized physical rehab plan.

Spinal Cord Injuries

The spinal cord’s function is to send signals between the brain and the body to complete daily operations. Yet, when there is a spinal cord injury, a patient may experience permanent weakness, loss of sensation, and bodily malfunctions.

These symptoms may become even more pronounced at the site of the injury.

Spinal cord injuries happen when there is an abrupt impact on the spine, causing damage to the nerves, discs, and connective tissues. Apart from chronic pain, a spinal cord injury may come with catastrophic results, like needing surgery or facing paralysis.

Being in a car or sports accident are just a few ways that spinal cord injuries happen. As a result, patients will face reduced control of their limbs, pain, and extremely limited mobility.

Chronic Pain

The cause of chronic pain may not always be apparent, but the pain and long-lasting effects are incredibly detrimental to one’s ability to complete even the most simple of tasks. A unique trait of chronic pain is that it is not the same for everyone.

Only the person who experiences it will know where and how to describe it, which may make it difficult for providers to identify the source of it.


As people age, they start to experience limits in their strength and flexibility, and they experience much pain in their joints. Osteoarthritis is the degeneration of the cushion between joints that, as a result, causes pain when the two bones rub together.

Osteoarthritis may limit how one can move, go through their daily routines, and do their job or tasks involving physical labor.

Other Injuries and Conditions

Sometimes, we experience trauma or a disease that leads to a change in one’s ability to complete everyday routines. Conditions like cancer, lung problems, joint replacement surgery, and amputations may require some kind of physical therapy to promote healing and adapt to the changes in one’s body.

What to Expect During Physical Rehabilitation Treatment

Your initial visit to a physical rehabilitation center will include an assessment aimed at learning about your medical history, current conditions, and lifestyle habits. Depending on the location of your pain or condition, you will need to answer a couple of questions to learn more about your history and allow for screening (a combination of MRI, X-ray, or CT scans) to find the root of your pain.

Through the guidance of a physical therapist, they will create a program tailored just for you and to target the cause of your pain. Your custom program may include:

  • Stretching exercises
  • Strengthening and balance exercises
  • Massages
  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Electrotherapy
  • Heat and cold therapy

Using a Combination of At-Home and Guided Exercise

The benefit of physical rehabilitative therapy is that some exercises have future use when practiced on your own. Your physio therapist will work towards teaching you routine movements that may be practiced at home on your own time.

In addition, they will work with you on guided exercises. The specialist will guide your body through a series of movements that are aimed to strengthen or increase the range of motion in a problem area, often using specialized equipment in a supportive and encouraging setting.

Treatment Plans Designed to Help You

The custom-tailored programs are designed to minimize or eliminate the cause of pain altogether. They will be able to administer:

  • Exercises that will increase muscle development
  • Exercises geared to help your muscles gain flexibility
  • Increases in your range of motion, and teach you exercises aimed to maintain achieved motion
  • Improvements to your problem area using heat and cold treatments, electric currents, and sound waves.

Physio therapy is part of a patient’s healing journey, and since some conditions are chronic and progressive, we encourage our patients to apply what they learn at home. Many patients practice what they learned in their program and incorporate it into their lifestyles, further maintaining or improving their body’s mobility and minimizing pain.

Setting Attainable Goals

Depending on what brings you into a physical rehabilitation center in the first place will help identify what reasonable goals to reach by the end of your program. For many, the goals are simple.

Increasing Independence

Physio therapy programs are created to Increase patient independence and ability to complete daily activities. When one is injured and undergoes surgery or needs a cast, they potentially lose some independence.

With the help of a custom program, they will be set on a path of recovery with their independence in mind.

Decreasing Pain

Pain may hinder someone from completing even the most menial of tasks. However, with treatment, the patient and their specialist will work together to decrease pain by targeting it at its source.

When the patient feels less pain, they can begin to complete tasks and activities that for a while felt impossible to do.

Increasing Performance and Function

Whether it’s a sports injury or a car accident, an injury that limits one’s ability to do things they love is nothing but devastating. Enhancing patient performance and functionality without needing additional surgeries is the ideal goal when creating a custom physio therapy program.

Overall, the goal is to ensure that the result helps minimize pain and increase movement and strength, all things needed to improve one’s quality of life. Additionally, these efforts will help support the injured or weak muscular group, reducing the risk of falls and injury in the future.

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Chronic pain from age or injury and subsequent limitations to mobility may enforce drastic life changes when one least expects it. For many, improving their levels of discomfort is possible, but the path to recovery is long and painful.

Working with a physical rehabilitation center helps smooth your road to recovery by improving your strength and flexibility and decreasing stiffness.

Dealing with chronic pain every day will significantly impact your ability to do the things you love. Do not let an injury get the best of you.

With the help of the experts in a physical rehabilitation center, feeling less pain and improving your range of motion is far from impossible.

Get in contact with Optimum Health Rehab Marietta to schedule your initial appointment and custom treatment plan with you and your pain in mind. Call your local Marietta physical rehabilitation team today at (678) 335-4865, or complete our online form to get started.

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