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The neck serves as a nervous system bridge between the head and the rest of the body. When a little discomfort occurs around the neck, it can affect the whole body, casting a shadow over our daily pursuits in a way that affects everything from simple movements to our overall well-being.

We have all, at one point in our lives, experienced neck pain, and we can attest to how uncomfortable it can be and how it can affect our life. Neck pain often arises from a multitude of factors like aging, bad posture, trauma, osteoarthritis, degenerative conditions, poor sleep, herniation, and many others.

Coping with neck pain can put a real damper on your ability to function, so you should reach out to a neck pain specialist and discuss your symptoms with them. At Optimum Health Rehab, we have many experienced neck pain specialists in different care disciplines, all of whom have the right knowledge to deal with your neck concerns.

Our focus is to relieve you of any discomfort, targeting the underlying causes of your condition, and help you take control of your health. Discuss your current symptoms and learn ways to find relief when you call (678) 335-4865 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

Marietta Neck Pain Treatment Services

Neck pain can interfere with your daily activities, affecting your overall well-being if it’s not treated. This type of pain is a common symptom of different health conditions and injuries. Because it can impact your ability to perform at your job, at daily tasks, and during physical activity, it is best to get treatment as soon as possible.

At Optimum Health Rehab, we serve as a beacon of relief, guiding our patients through the process of diagnosing and treating their neck pain. We have an array of technologies and techniques that allow us to identify the source of your neck pain and prepare a personalized plan to tackle it.

Our neck pain experts are committed to getting you back on your feet. Our process begins with a full understanding of your symptoms and challenges, enabling us to create a comprehensive and personalized plan to target the underlying causes of your debilitating condition.

New patients can expect to undergo the following in order to target the causes of their neck pain and identify the most appropriate solutions.

  • Medical history review. Confirm if you have ever sustained any neck injury that might have been caused by a whiplash, sprain, strain, or a herniated disc or if you engage in any strenuous activities that might cause pain in your neck. This will help us tailor the perfect treatment plan for you.
  • Physical examination. Checking the alignment of your head and neck and its range of motion allows us to know if there’s any stiffness around the muscles supporting your neck or possible issues with vertebrae and nerve impedance. We will have you discuss your level of pain, the duration of the pain, and the exact location of the pain with us. This exam will help our team of experts identify the cause of pain and how to tackle it.
  • Diagnostic imaging. X-rays and potentially MRI scans help us get a detailed diagnosis of the neck and show if you have any problem with bones or tissues. An X-ray can detect issues like cervical alignment and slipped discs, while MRIs can help map the condition of muscles and key nerve conduits. We may need both to check that your neck pain is not a result of any problems with your spinal cord, bone marrow, nerves, and soft tissues. An MRI can also detect a tumor or cyst and also any signs of infection.
  • Nerve conduction studies test your nerves and muscle response to identify specific locations of impedance or compression on key nerves.

At Optimum Health Rehab, we are patient-centered, and your well-being is our top priority. Let our team of neck experts attend to your neck pain concerns.

Get Help From a Marietta Neck Pain Specialist

People may believe that neck pain symptoms are normal. They associate their neck pain with issues like bad sleeping posture, a sprain, or something minor.

While most neck pain symptoms are minor and disappear within days, there are rare cases where such pain is an indicator of a bigger problem. Further, failure to treat so-called “minor” issues like sleep position can lead to longer-term conditions affecting the neck, head, and shoulders.

You won’t know if your neck pain is medically considered part of a mild or severe condition until you visit with a neck pain expert. They can help you understand what your symptoms mean and get to the root cause of your neck pain.

At Optimum Health Rehab, our team of neck pain experts is highly trained in the intricacies of neck anatomy and the various issues that can cause discomfort. We will conduct a comprehensive assessment to accurately diagnose you and tailor the treatment plans to your specific needs.

Common Causes Of Neck Pain

Neck pain can result from a multitude of factors, and finding out the exact cause requires a careful evaluation. Below are some of the most common causes.


Although neck pain can occur at any age, it is usually more common in adults. According to the Global Burden Of Diseases 2017 study, statistics have shown that neck pain is more prevalent in adults around the age of 45-49 and those around 50-54.

As we grow older, our bones, tissues, and joints wear and tear.  Our body gradually loses the ability to withstand stress and repetitive activities, which causes sections of our spine to weaken and even give way as a result of degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis.

Physical Factors

Physical factors like neck muscle overuse or engaging in strenuous activities can lead to stiffness in the neck area. Incorrect sitting or sleeping posture, especially when using electric devices like phones and computers, is another risk factor for neck pain.

Injuries and Trauma

Injuries from car accidents, like whiplash, can cause sudden neck pain. Injuries sustained during sports and gym sessions can also cause your neck to hurt.

They are capable of damaging your muscles, discs, ligaments, joints, and nerves in your spinal cord.

Existing Spinal Abnormalities

Those with preexisting conditions are at a greater risk of developing severe neck pain. This can be a result of structural issues like scoliosis or abnormal curvature of the spine.

Other Health Issues

Neck pain can be a symptom of several other health conditions like fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and meningitis. Also, neck pain can be a result of growths like masses, tumors, or cysts; although they are rare, growths around the neck area can cause pain as they press on other surrounding muscles.

Common Types of Neck Pain

Symptoms of neck pain can manifest in various ways. Oftentimes, they are mild and last for only a couple of days, while in rare cases, they are chronic and affect daily routines.

Some symptoms of neck pain may include:

  • Aching and stiffness
  • Radiating and sharp pain
  • Headache
  • Tingling and Numbness
  • Limited range of motion
  • Difficulty holding the head up
  • Dizziness
  • Grinding and popping sounds

You should consult a neck pain expert if you are experiencing any of these symptoms. At Optimum Health Rehab, we have an experienced team of wellness experts willing to assist you.

Personalized Neck Pain Treatment Plan Made Just for You

If, at any point in time, you decide to try out some home remedies before you make it down to your doctor’s appointment, here are a few home remedies that could reduce neck pain temporarily.

  • Hot and cold therapy
  • Exercises
  • Massage therapy
  • Use of neck braces or soft collars
  • Increase water intake
  • Neck stretches

However, these at-home remedies can only go so far without a professional diagnosis.

Our Marietta neck pain experts at Optimum Health Rehab are specifically trained in neck treatments. Rather than treating your symptoms, we are more focused on finding and eradicating the root cause of your neck pain.

Our neck specialists understand that everyone has different symptoms, and so we are ready to create a personalized treatment plan based on your type of neck injury.

Our comprehensive, personalized treatment plans include:

  • Trigger point injection
  • Regenerative medicine (PRP)
  • Chiropractic care and associated modalities
  • Physical rehabilitation through exercise and stretching
  • Joint brace and taping
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Pain management

How to Prevent Yourself From Having Neck Pain

Whether your neck pain is mild or severe, the following tips should help you prevent neck pain.

  • Maintaining a good posture while sitting and standing can help prevent neck pain. Make sure your spine is aligned and relaxed while sitting or standing.
  • Set up an ergonomic workstation. Make sure your desk, chair, and gadgets are properly positioned in a way that promotes a neutral neck position. Make sure the screen is at a high level to avoid looking up and down for long hours.
  • Make use of pillows and mattresses that support your neck and spine.
  • Take frequent breaks to stretch and change position when engaged in a prolonged activity
  • Include gentle neck exercises in your daily fitness routine. This will strengthen and stretch neck muscles, which will enhance flexibility and also reduce tension.

Work With A Marietta Neck Pain Expert Who Truly Cares

Living with neck pain can be very uncomfortable and can pose a threat to your daily routine. To get rid of that pain, talk to a neck pain specialist as soon as possible.

At Optimum Health Rehab, our team includes dedicated medical professionals ready to go the extra mile to ensure your relief from neck pain. Work with us, and let us introduce you to a world without pain.

We promise to make your choice worthwhile. Start finding the relief you need when you call (678) 335-4865 or contact us online to schedule your evaluation and consultation.

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